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Fujitsu Files Trademark for Crypto Services

May 3, 2023
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Every year, global companies are getting closer to the crypto and new tech industries. Some of them are implementing blockchain, artificial intelligence, web3 and other tools into their routine working process. The others create brand new departments hiring experienced specialists to launch the fresh products. Anyway, we’re watching the adoption with our own eyes, and this view is fascinating.    

Today we’ll observe the ongoing deployment of crypto technology in 2023. In accordance with the official documentation, Fujitsu, the Japanese tech firm, has applied for a trademark concerning cryptocurrencies. The company is planning to offer the financial services connected to crypto assets. This isn’t the first time a large brand joined Crypto World, but we’ll stop by to take a look at this particular case. 

Short overview

Fujitsu is a Japanese corporation that provides many innovative products, solutions, and services in the information and communication technology sector. The company has a long history, tracing its roots back to 1935 when it was founded as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing. Since then, it has grown into a leading player in the global tech industry.

Fujitsu's business activities are diverse, varying from cloud computing and cybersecurity to artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The company's products include personal computers, servers, storage systems, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. Additionally, the brand offers a good range of IT services — consulting, outsourcing, and system integration, to support customers in various industries worldwide.

Closer to crypto

In March 2023, Fujitsu submitted a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The filing indicates the intentions of exploring various services — digital asset management, crypto exchanges, brokerage services for crypto trading, payment transaction processing, and securities trading. The news was initially shared on Twitter by Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney in the USPTO.

Aside from the points mentioned above, Fujitsu also appears to dive into real estate, as the application mentions leasing or renting buildings and the purchase and sale of land.

The refreshed mark features a stylized brand name. According to the docs, the updated logo displayed above portrays the new branding Fujitsu wants to secure for these financial services. The same document provides a brief info on the revealed services with the USPTO, along with the trademark request.


Fujitsu's also showing some interest in Web3 technology by announcing a Web3 platform. It’s supposed to maintain the development of various Web3 apps with several options for the use such as content rights regulatory and dealings for projects and partner firms.

Fujitsu has also unveiled its plans to participate in the creation of a metaverse initiative known as Ryugukoku, following the footsteps of other big names in the industry. This proposal involves the establishment of a Japan Metaverse Economic Zone that would enable seamless integration of different metaverse platforms, thereby enhancing interoperability.

The goal is to infuse gamification into Japan's commercial landscape by leveraging the diverse skills of participating firms in the development of various features. The project is the brainchild of Hajime Tabata, a renowned game director who has previously served at Square Enix.


Despite the fact that many companies are now trying to introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain tech into their products, not everyone will succeed in this sector. Their success depends on the number of efficient cases, expertise, the participation of qualified specialists and, of course, patience. However, their big advantage is the fact they already have a loyal audience and trust, which often plays an important role in the race for recognition in the crypto market.

We will keep an eye on Fujitsu and other giants trying to adopt crypto. Check out the SimpleSwap Blog for more similar stories: Visa To Launch Crypto Wallets, NFTs And Metaverse, UNICEF Is Testing DAO Prototype and Playboy to Enter the Metaverse by Launching MetaMansion.

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