Nowadays, cryptocurrency and blockchain are being used in many areas of life, such as banking, finance, and marketing, to verify documentation, data, etc. Moreover, it is also important to mention that cryptocurrency has the potential to completely change the typical way of gaming.

Cryptocurrency transactions make payments faster and more reliable for game developers. Furthermore, crypto commissions are lower than their fiat analogs, which is a great advantage of gaming tokens as well. The blockchain keeps a record of every transaction that is being made, which can help to prevent fraud. Today it is practicable to use crypto to purchase gaming items, skin, and characters for different games. Crypto trading turns rare gaming items even into more valuable assets.

Let’s review several gaming projects that have their cryptocurrencies and are becoming popular right now in 2021.

crypto gaming projects

Famous Gaming Crypto Projects

CryptoBlades (SKILL)

CryptoBlades is created by a famous game production company Riveted Games. It is an adventure game where players fight against monsters, craft new weapons, and play-role in raids.
CryptoBlades provides its users a platform on which they can play together, take part in combat and earn different incentives. Winners get SKILL tokens after defeating their opponents. Low-value gaming weapons can be burned to upgrade to more valuable pieces as they give more SKILL tokens per victory. With the help of SKILL tokens, players can obtain unique weapons and retool characters to increase their overall gaming power. In the gaming market, it is possible to trade the equipment and avatars as well.
Furthermore, CryptoBlade is smoothly designed to prevent any unfair advantage and the participation of bots by limiting in-game interaction.

CryptoZoon (ZOON)

CryptoZoon is a gaming crypto project based on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. It has a cryptocurrency called ZOON that allows players to purchase premium items as well as access VIP services on the platform.
CryptoZoon is primarily a Pokemon-inspired game, so its participants can get their special NFT creatures there. They need ZOON tokens for buying, selling, and trading characters called ZOANs, which are required to play the game. ZOANs have their unique clan origin and rarity level. ZOANs can be used to breed more powerful offspring and battle against other players in the ecosystem of the game.

Mist (MIST)

Mist is an active action game that is based on Binance Smart Chain and has NFT characters in an open-world ecosystem. Mist was created in 2021 and is focused on blockchain staking and farming.
It enables players to exchange assets without any further intermediaries. The participants can use an in-game auction to sell their NFTs and exchange them for MIST tokens. In this way the game project can attract more players and earn additional revenue by selling game items and tokens. On the other hand, players can buy game NFT characters with MIST tokens.

How Fast Will the Industry of Gaming Develop?

A lot of people believe that the importance of cryptocurrency and online gaming tokens will progress in the second decade of the 21st century.
In the coming era, people are expecting the increased use of AR and VR technologies in gaming and close collaborations with cryptocurrency. The blockchain voting right will allow users to discuss new ideas and suggestions. Game developers can use these ideas and features to improve games and create new better projects.

This all looks promising, so let’s hope that the future is bright for the online gaming industry and cryptocurrencies!