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Metaverse Projects In 2022

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Theta Network (THETA)
  • Realm (REALM)
  • GAIA Everworld (GAIA)
  • Star Atlas (ATLAS)
  • Highstreet (HIGH)
  • Conclusion

The “metaverse” term is getting more popular each year and many companies didn’t miss the opportunity to become a part of a futuristic concept realized in the 21st century. Today let’s take a look at crypto projects that develop their metaverses and attract the most attention in 2022.

Theta Network (THETA)

The blockchain platform for HD video content promotion including VR in the form of NFT. The Theta ecosystem is divided into 2 levels. The first level is a global network of video content. Second level — blockchain with native THETA tokens, which serve as users’ rewards. Each person watching the content provides unclaimed power of his PC. At the same time he/she acts as one of the network nodes for the transmission of video and receives a reward for this. In this way the project solves the problem of long download and buffering of content. The project has already been supported by large technology companies. Theta Network has a pretty high potential and possibly in the future it will compete with the traditional video hostings.

Realm (REALM)

Gaming platform working on a Free2Play and Play2Earn blockchain which uses a unique gaming algorithm for a free profit. The platform provides different military strategies and various ways of earning. The metaverse is made for everyone, so no one stands aside. Even those players who don’t spend any money may get a profit. Realm offers different military strategy modes. When players join the platform, they can collect, raise and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT-Mies characters. There are a lot of NFTs, events and battle modes for players’ entertainment. The variety ensures that Mies have distinctive features that balance the structure. To ensure the platform’s security and transparency, all Mies transactions and data are monitored and controlled by third parties.

GAIA Everworld (GAIA)

This game uses NFT and provides users with an exciting experience. The game is built on Unreal Engine and represented as ММОRPG. At the same time developers claim that they are creating a huge open world where players will be able to travel and communicate as in popular MMO. The game suggests 2 modes — PVP and PVE. Plus, the mechanics of construction, development of territories, breeding of creatures and collecting are declared. All characters and items in Gaia Everworld will exist in NFT format, so each of them will have its own specific fighting features and value.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The multiplayer strategy game set within the Star Atlas metaverse. The game gives users the opportunity to explore outer space, trade and fight. The game economy is linked to the ATLAS and POLIS cryptocurrencies.

Space exploration is one of the most challenging and exciting activities in Star Atlas. Developers are aiming to provide a breathtaking gaming experience of the metaverse which covers several genres. It combines high-quality graphics and the ability to earn virtual assets. Stardust is a key partner of Star Atlas and also a provider of API interfaces, an internal management tool for player accounts and NFT transactions. Stardust makes it convenient and safe for players to actively manage their NFTs.

Highstreet (HIGH)

HighStreet is a metaverse that unites physical and digital worlds in a MMORPG gaming format. Project is developed with the use of both Unity engine and blockchain technologies. HighStreet has its own marketplace providing brands with opportunities for integration. The metaverse economy uses HIGH and CRED tokens. Highstreet attracts companies and brands to establish their presence in the virtual space. The metaverse applies e-commerce systems. Users can purchase phygital products and use them in the game and in real life. 

HighStreet represents only one Solera continent and several islands with unique geographical and economic differences. Metaverses are being actively developed with the support of major investors.


As you can see, many projects are trying to realize the maximum potential of metaverse by including many features and opportunities for players. They not only create the game space but also implement their NFTs and cryptocurrencies, giving users a chance to earn and use their cryptocurrencies. We will wait and watch the developing metaverse implementations to tell you about the latest updates. Stay tuned with the SimpleSwap Blog!

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