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Monthly Digest: June

Mar 14, 2024
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The first month of summer is over. And we have a lot of things to tell you! Today we will remember the most interesting events and updates concerning SimpleSwap in June 2023.  

Partnerships & Product updates

This June we are pleased to announce a few important partnerships and collaborations. 

The team of Xumm, a non-custodial wallet, has integrated SimpleSwap into their platform. The aim is to allow Xumm users to seamlessly convert assets from other blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc, into XRP, making transitioning to the XRPL ecosystem much easier.

Due to our collaboration, SummonPlatform now has a built-in multi chain swap portal giving users an ability to swap for ADA and add to their Summon Multisig Wallet. 

Another SimpleSwap’s new partners areTrocador.appand OneLedger. Additionally, the Streakk project is now using the API of SimpleSwap and we’re very glad about it!

Moreover, we are happy to introduce an invite system allowing participants to earn extra profit by bringing their friends to SimpleSwap. The conditions for participation are quite simple.Learn more about your opportunities and join SimpleSwap's invite system to make your exchanges more profitable! 

But that’s not all. The SimpleSwap team has visited Lisbon to attend the EpicWeb3 conference, which was a great chance to meet and talk to many representatives of crypto projects — both famous ones and those who are just gaining momentum. Head to the Socials section of this article to see the content dedicated to this event. 


SimpleSwap has added a pile of new cryptocurrencies to its list. Check them out, maybe you will find something you were waiting for: TENET, XPLL, CAL, WLKN, LMWR, FBX, WSB, DINO, HAHA, SHARBI, MONG, BEAR, PANDO, CARAT, 3KM, IRON, IZI, TRCL

And there are more to come in July!


The crypto sector is always full of events. If you want to keep up with the news or just looking for a place to spend a good time reading, SimpleSwap Blog has a lot to offer. 

We’ve talked about the upcoming upgrades, including the Ethereum Dencun upgrade which comes with a number of Ethereum Improvement Proposals, Polygon revolutionary update called "the Value Layer of the Internet" and fresh hard forks of 2023 scheduled by Horizen, BNB and DASH.

The title of the most discussed news shall receive the SEC suing Binance and Coinbase. We made a detailed overview of these cases, discovered the reasons for lawsuits and found out what was the actual reaction of the respondents. 

Looking for some educational content? We surely have something for you. Check out this article about the crypto dust attacks — we gave some tips on how to identify and protect yourself from such an unpleasant phenomenon. After you’re done, make sure to read our post on how to become a cryptonaire and decide whether it is worth it or not.


Latest crypto market analysis by Learn – here’s what we’ve done for you by the end of June.

Explore latest LINA and AVAX tech analysis with price predictions to update or rebalance your crypto portfolio. Utilizing the ascending trend speculative buying strategy helps you identify entry and exit points in trading with MACD and RSI indicators.

The Crypto Market section is full of diverse updates. Check out our first ecosystem review of TRON, one of the most powerful blockchain projects. For identifying potential growth opportunities and risk mitigation, explore the BTC and USDX indices correlationstudy. Binance Smart Chain’s potential risks, technical maturity, tokenomics analysis, and you name it – the BSC fundamental analysis is a grand research we’re proud to share with the community.

BTC on-chain analysis with its recent activity dynamics and trader expectations by June is now out, too. Explore! 


This month on socials we had lots of content from the EpicWeb3 conference. Head over to our Twitter and Youtube to check out the posts and videos from our exciting adventure. 

Don’t miss our big vlog dedicated to the conference and a couple of interviews we recorded — with Vahe Bagdasaryan from Coinstats, Andrés Bóveda Alasia from Metamask and Stefan George from Gnosis.

Also, we held a big giveaway on Twitter to celebrate the launch of our invite system! Over 2,000 people joined the celebration of this quite important event for us.

Do not forget to follow us on social media and check the Blog for more content and news of the Crypto World. We keep an eye on the freshest sphere updates and share the crème de la crème with you.

And remember: SimpleSwap is always here to provide you with the best exchange experience — you are just a few clicks away from safely and conveniently exchanging your crypto.

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