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Optimism Distributed 48 Million Tokens During an Airdrop

Sep 19, 2023
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The Ethereum second-layer network, Optimism (OP), distributed unclaimed assets, totaling 48 million native OP tokens (valued at $67.2 million at the time of writing), among 88,000 eligible addresses.

According to data from the Dune Analytics dashboard, as a result of the first OP token distribution on June 1, 2022, users claimed approximately 166,000 tokens. It is a significant 77% of the total amount allocated for this airdrop. However, about a quarter of the addresses, which had the right to receive assets, did not partake in the process. Now developers have directly sent assets to these users' addresses.

This airdrop of remaining tokens commenced on September 15, 2023, and lasted approximately 12 hours. All participants received OP tokens directly to their addresses. Some users have expressed concerns that these addresses may belong to wallets with lost access or whose owners are deceased. It is possible that this distribution has taken some tokens out of circulation.

According to L2Beat, the total value of assets locked in the protocol stands at $2.47 billion. Optimism ranks second among L2 networks, standing after the Arbitrum project. To learn more about this network take a look at our guide about what is the Optimism platform.

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