People who made an impact on The Crypto World

Jul 27, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • A little about the main thing
  • The ghost of the Crypto World — Satoshi Nakamoto
  • A simple guy from Russia
  • Changpheng Zhao — crypto-king of China 
  • Brian Armstrong — driving force of the Сryptoworld
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee — from a woodman to a top manager

A little about the main thing

Nowadays, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are innovative and in demand. Many experts believe them the wave of the future. These innovations are capable of generating qualitative changes in the economy on a global scale, leading to the emergence of a second-generation economy.

Of course, all the great discoveries and inventions are made due to the bright and brilliant minds of mankind. And the question arises, who created cryptocurrency? What personalities influenced the Crypto World and developed it to the level at which it is now? We think that any person who starts an acquaintance with the Crypto World has such questions. Well, if you are an advanced user, then you all the more need to understand this topic. Who knows, maybe someday your name will be included in the list of people who have made an integral contribution to the cryptocurrency world.

So, here is the top of the most famous people in the Crypto World today.

The ghost of the Crypto World — Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is known to everyone. A large number of legends and secrets are associated with this person because of one reason – there is no picture, videotape or live interview with Satoshi Nakamoto. All that is known about this person is messages on forums and his emails. Until now, no one even knows whether it is one person or a group of people. 

But why is Satoshi Nakamoto so famous? The most important thing is that thanks to Satoshi, in 2008, the first cryptocurrency appeared. It was Bitcoin. Until now, Bitcoin is the most demanded cryptocurrency in the world.

Also, thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto the blockchain community began to develop further. 

Satoshi wrote about his brainchild in one of the messages that the benefits had brought by Bitcoin to the exchanges far exceeded the cost of electricity consumed for its extraction. Therefore, the lack of Bitcoins will be a net loss.

A simple guy from Russia

Vitalik Buterin is a usual Russian name of an unusual person. He is the creator of the Ethereum network and with it the new cryptocurrency. In 2014, his project got the World Technology Award, for which Mark Zuckerberg also fought. Now ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization which is almost $33 and shows good growth rates. 

Vitalik may as well be called one of the main experts on the blockchain. He believes that blockchain is a social revolution wrapped in something speculative that can make people rich.

Unlike his colleague at number one, Vitalik Buterin has never been hidden from the public. He is a programmer, an innovator, one of the youngest in his field. He is only 25 years old now.

Changpheng Zhao — crypto-king of China 

Changpheng Zhao is a billionaire who earned his crypto billions faster than anyone - less than six months. Today, his fortune is estimated at between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion.

Changpheng is the founder of Binance - the most popular stock exchange that is based in China. Also Binance is a member of the top ten exchanges in terms of trading volumes. Before setting up his company, Zhao worked at OKCoin and at Bloomberg.

Binance processes 1.4 million transactions from 6 million users per second, making it the world's largest cryptoexchange. Members of the exchange use Binance to trade more than 120 different coins, thereby providing $200 million profit in the last three months.

Brian Armstrong — driving force of the Сryptoworld

The head of the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is one of the most influential and respected persons in the blockchain community and the crypto-business.

In addition to the head's chair, this man has other achievements. Having a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in IT, he perfectly understands the essence of the modern market and is happy to share knowledge and forecasts. Brian regularly conducts lectures where he talks about prospects of the technology.

Prior to that, he managed to work in IBM, Airbnb and other well-known projects, and even starred in the movie “The Rise of Bitcoin”.

Olaf Carlson-Wee — from a woodman to a top manager

Olaf Carlson-Wee had been fond of cryptocurrency, even when it was not so popular. He became the first employee at Coinbase. Olaf came to the job interview in his only jeans, which were smeared with wood resin (before that, he had tried himself as a woodcutter).

Then Carlson-Wee resigned to run one of the world's first crypto funds in the flat he shared with seven neighbors.

This man created the hedge fund Polychain Capital — the first of its kind, aimed at financing crypto projects that issue protocol tokens.

Olaf Carlson-Wee called Bitcoin a “breakthrough” technology, which is perhaps more than the Internet.

The main dream of Olaf is to create a completely decentralized analogue of the modern Internet. He also predicted that Ethereum would be able to overtake Bitcoin at a price. Will the forecast comes true, we will see soon.

Of course, there are a lot of people who influenced the Crypto World, and it's difficult to fit all ingenious minds in one article. But we can not leave you in ignorance, so to be continued.

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