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Radicle Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • RAD Statistics
  • Radicle Roadmap
  • Crypto community about RAD
  • RAD Price Prediction
  • RAD Price Prediction 2024
  • RAD Price Prediction 2025
  • RAD Historical Price Analysis

Radicle is a decentralized network for code collaboration. It’s built on open protocols and is giving developers an opportunity to collaborate on code. It doesn’t require relying on trusted intermediaries due to Radicle Link, a P2P replication protocol.

Originally created in 2017 by Monadic, a German software company, Radicle is meant to be a completely independent concept. Also, Monadic mentions that it does not own Radicle. They highlight that it's made for everybody. Anyone can adjust and contribute to its development.

RAD is a crypto that is powering Radicle. The token is made for governance as well as communal ownership purposes. It is available on various popular exchange platforms.

RAD Statistics

Price prediction at 09.21.2023:
RAD price: $1.3647917915784853
Market capitalization: $70226697.29781829
Volume (24h): $2392054.80325306
Circulating supply: 51455978.65634566 RAD
Total supply: 99998580 RAD
Max supply: 99999620 RAD

Radicle Roadmap

The latter roadmap available on the Internet contains the team's goals till the end of 2021. Each milestone is highlighted as an important section the developers were working on:

Even though there is no updated roadmap it is still possible to check the plans of Radicle through their social media or their Blog. The team shared a post on March 29, 2022 telling that Radicle is beginning to take shape as a high-potential alternative to GitHub. As they said, they have an intention to develop the project for support the strength of the free open source ecosystem in a good sustainable way. They also promised to share more updates and plans on Radicle soon.

Crypto community about RAD

The main channels for Radicle followers to share their opinion about the project are Twitter and Discord channel. Let’s take a peek at their comments.

Many users support Radicle's idea and consider it to be a strong competitor or even a replacement of GitHub in the future. They recommend using Radicle for building codes.

Many users are also happy to learn about the RGP (Radicle Grants Program). It is meant to deploy $1M of funding to support work that improves the project’s stack, ecosystem, or greater FOSS and Web3 community.

RAD Price Prediction

RAD Price Prediction 2024

As of May 19, 2022: predicts RAD to cost $4.09 in the beginning of 2024 and $4.92 in the end of it. We can see a smooth growth through all the years available for prediction. is more pessimistic and provides us with a prognosis of $2.84 for one RAD coin.

RAD Price Prediction 2025

As of May 19, 2022: is suggesting $4.98 for January 2025 and $5.59 in December. provides other data. For today it’s prediction is $3.69. We also checked this resource’s further predictions and found out that RAD could go up to $9.92 by 2031.  

RAD Historical Price Analysis

As for May 26, 2022:

All-Time High (Apr 15, 2021): $27.35

All-Time Low (May 12, 2022): $1.56

The historical data available starts from November 28, 2021. Back then, the price of 1 RAD was $14.73, which is a quite good indication of the beginning price of a token listed on the exchange. Later, the price of RAD was slowly going down. However, we can see a slight price change in December 2021, when it went from $9.35 to $11.65. But after a month of the price holding high, it dropped again. RAD holders were worried about the jumping cost of the token. They shared their thoughts on the Radicle Discord channel:

Djespite the doubts, the project raised twelve million dollars last year during a seed funding round launched by NFX and Galaxy, with funds Placeholder, ParaFi Capital and some others. 2022 became the time when the team announced their intensive work on formulating a more transparent and empowering delegation process. Their ultimate goal is to provide community participants with the opportunity to become chief members in the governance process. This sounds very promising and could affect the price as the project gets a mass adoption.

All in all, Radicle does look like an interesting project due to several advantages which help it to hold on in the volatile crypto market. These are:

  • Radicle offers a permissionless network. It doesn’t count on 3rd parties and has no centralized point of failure.
  • Due to P2P and public-key cryptography, it is positioned as intentionally independent.
  • Radicle provides the support of NFT. Users can make, publish, sell or buy, and manage NFTs on network.
  • Radicle’s community governance helps token holders to send suggestions and directly affect the development of the project.

These points help Radicle to keep its feet on the ground, so the future updates and renewals could get the project up, and who knows, maybe it will learn to fly. We will surely keep tracking the news on Radicle and share it with you.

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