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SimpleSwap 2021

Aug 28, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Loyalty Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Customer Account
  • New Design and Increased Speed
  • Over 100 New Coins
  • Holding Campaigns and Celebrating Holidays together

Thank you for staying with SimpleSwap in 2021. We are glad to make our service better and more convenient for you. Let’s make a fast year recap and remember all the great achievements of this year.

Loyalty Program

The SimpleSwap Loyalty Program was updated and now it allows its members to get BTC cashback. Isn’t it cool? Our customers have the clearest and easiest way to receive extra crypto just by making exchanges on SimpleSwap.

Affiliate Program

SimpleSwap is always open to cooperation and provides an updated Affiliate Program with advanced features. A great range of tools for business (widgets, banners, API, reflinks) helps you to earn and your audience to find a reliable exchange service. Our partners have already appreciated the new low withdrawal limits, flexible partner fees, and promo codes for the community. The easy-to-use affiliate account gives a chance to track the statistics and check the profit, and personal managers are ready to help our partners with different issues.

Customer Account

The updated Customer Account allows everybody to track the Exchange History and Statuses, join the Loyalty Program, and request payouts.

New Design and Increased Speed

Don’t be confused by visiting our main page. In December the SimpleSwap design and logo were changed and the exchange process became even better and more convenient. We listen to our customers, make it easier for them to swap crypto, and guide them with the help of a user-friendly interface. Now you can also add the addresses using QR codes.

Over 100 New Coins

SimpleSwap has a wide range of tokens and coins available for exchange. This year a lot of new cryptocurrencies were added so now we have 450+ represented on our service.

Holding Campaigns and Celebrating Holidays together

We were happy to share weekdays and holidays with our community and hosted over 30 campaigns this year, including but not limited to the Neblio Giveaway, Easter Game, Bitcoin Pizza Day, MemeContest, UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway, NFF giveaway with, XDC Trading contest, Monster Hunt game with NFT and crypto prizes, AMA with Solve Care, Huge Christmas campaign.

We are really thankful to all our customers and partners who joined these contests and showed their support.

Our team is full of ideas and has many plans for the future, so stay tuned and wait for SimpleSwap to make the exchange process even more pleasant and easier in the upcoming New Year!

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