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Sports NFTs And Fan Tokens

Aug 28, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • NFTs
  • Fan Tokens
  • The sponsorship agreement between and FIFA

Various brands are using different ways to stay connected with their fans and customers. In this modern era, digital tokens including the NFTs and fan tokens provide an excellent opportunity to do so. Let’s discuss in this article the interaction between the Crypto World and the Sports World.


NFTs that are also known as non-fungible tokens represent the particular data stored on a blockchain. Blockchain technology has expanded with time, the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased, and many people are familiar with them these days. However, NFTs are different from other cryptocurrencies as they are unique and cannot be replaced with any other digital tokens. 

With the great development of the blockchain, the scope of NFTs has also expanded. Now they are grabbing the attention of the whole world and can be issued by famous people and enterprises including sports clubs. A popular football player Lionel Messi launched his NFT 'Messiverse' art collection. Furthermore, there is the whole NFT marketplace platform with NBA NFT moments called NBA Top Shot. And there are plenty of other examples.

Using NFTs, athletes and teams not only have a chance to make a profit but also are giving a rise to their own identity on different media platforms and pursuing their marketing and promotional goals. On the other hand, people who purchase these tokens get a chance to own a piece of legendary sports history.

Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are used to engage the fans in the sports industry and create membership perks. These digital assets can be beneficial for holders as they give a chance to get bonuses, rewards, voting rights, access to special promotions and events, etc. Different sports organizations have such tokens nowadays. They provide a great opportunity for fans to take part in the decision-making processes and influence some things that are important to the community. Fan tokens help to impact the decisions that are made by the teams. They can even be used for voting when it is necessary to select a more valuable player.

There is a great variety of fan tokens available on SimpleSwap and you are welcome to check them out: 

  1. AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)
  2. FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)
  3. Juventus Fan Token (JUV)
  4. AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)
  5. Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)
  6. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG)
  7. Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO)
  8. Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)
  9. Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (ATM)

The sponsorship agreement between and FIFA

The International Football Federation announced a new official sponsor for the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Cryptocurrency service will take this place.

According to the official statements of FIFA, the logo of the exchange will be presented both inside and outside the stadiums during all the matches of the World Cup FIFA 2022. Moreover, announced that there would be special offers for their users during the sporting event: draws for official merchandise, discounts on tickets, and other bonuses.

We don't know how long the popularity of sports tokens will last, but now NFTs and fan tokens play an important role to create better bonding between the fans and their favourite teams or athletes. Moreover, there is no doubt that a direct connection with the fans has a powerful impact.

If you also want to get some of the fan tokens, you are welcome to exchange them on SimpleSwap.

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