Steem Price Prediction

Nov 30, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • STEEM Statistics
  • Steem Roadmap
  • Crypto Community about STEEM
  • STEEM Price Prediction 2022
  • STEEM Price Prediction 2023
  • STEEM Price Prediction 2025
  • STEEM Price Prediction 2030
  • STEEM Historical price analysis

The main Steem platform, also called Steemit, are several social networks based on the Steem blockchain. Within this network, any member can be rewarded for creating new content. Users can write texts, record videos, or post other materials useful to the community. The better the quality of the content that members create, the higher their earnings.
In general, the platform has 3 types of tokens, but the STEEM is the base coin and the price of the other two depends on it. The STEEM cryptocurrency is used as a reward for user activity on the platform.

STEEM Statistics

Let's now take a look at the statistics for the STEEM coin offered by CoinMarketCap:

Price prediction at 12.01.2022:
STEEM price: $0.180018938429703
Market capitalization: $71098785.5849876
Volume (24h): $5189172.15578258
Circulating supply: 394951699 STEEM
Total supply: 409190981 STEEM

Steem Roadmap

The Steem coin appeared in 2016. The main goal pursued by the developers was to create a blockchain solution that would allow not only programmers, investors and businessmen, but also ordinary people to earn cryptocurrency. Therefore, Steem is a unifying platform for writers, sellers, managers, students, musicians, designers, and bloggers.

Unfortunately, there is no roadmap for 2022 on the official website of the platform.

Crypto Community about STEEM

The crypto community monitors the price chart of the STEEM coin and predicts an increase in its value.

However, some crypto enthusiasts feel that Steem is unfairly distributing member rewards for generated content.

STEEM Price Prediction 2022

STEEM Price Prediction 2023

Experts of the TradingBeasts service have analyzed the price of the STEEM coin and provide information that in 2023 the maximum price may be $0.6.

In turn, WalletInvestor analysts suggest that the maximum price both at the beginning of 2023 and at the end will be $1.6.

The DigitalCoinPrice service believes that the average price in 2023 for one STEEM coin will be about $0.5.

STEEM Price Prediction 2025

TradingBeasts analysts conclude that the maximum price of the STEEM coin at the beginning of 2025 will be $0.65, and by the end of the year it may increase to $0.77. The WalletInvestor service makes a more optimistic forecast for 2025: at the beginning of the year, a maximum of $2.7 is expected, and at the end of the year - $3.2. But DigitalCoinPrice provides such a fluctuation in the average price of a STEEM coin: from $0.6 to $0.82.

STEEM Price Prediction 2030

DigitalCoinPrice experts suggest that at the beginning of 2030, the average price of a STEEM coin will be $1.51, and by the end of the year it will be about $1.56.

STEEM Historical price analysis

As of March 04, 2022:
All time high: $8.57 (Jan 03, 2018)
All time low: $0.06919 (Mar 10, 2017)

In April 2016, the STEEM coin price started at $0.77. Shortly thereafter, in mid-July, the price hit its first all-time high of $4.2. This was followed by a price adjustment, after which the STEEM price became $0.15. Until May 2017, the price level remained unchanged. Then the price of the cryptocurrency began to gradually grow and reached a new all-time high of $8.57 in January 2018. Shortly thereafter, the price plummeted to $1.4. The next jump occurred at the end of April 2018 to $4.3. From December 2018 to the end of January 2021, the price of the STEEM coin was at $0.13. Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2021, the price of this cryptocurrency again rose to a new level - $1.4. After that, the price fell again to $0.26 - $0.5.

The Steem platform is a great opportunity for users who love to create content and get paid for it. This social network creates a community where the quality of content is very important in the first place, the project team is doing everything to encourage users to generate it.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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