We are glad to announce the SWAP Button Bounty. Using our Mobile App you can not only exchange cryptocurrency in a more convenient way, but also get some SWAP as a reward. You are welcome to take part in our “SWAP for Click” campaign!

Here are the rules:

  • Download the SimpleSwap Mobile App.
  • Add and save your ERC-20 address. You will receive your reward in SWAP to this address. Please, note that the address can be entered only once.
  • Click the button every day and get from 1 to 20 SWAP for clicking
  • To get more SWAP, you should keep the streak and click the button 14 days in a row.
  • Don’t miss a day or you lose your streak. If it did happen, no worries, you can start all over again.
  • Get your reward on August 10, 2020.

That’s it, just start clicking, dear bounty hunters!