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The Best Multi-currency Wallets

Aug 28, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • What is a multi-currency wallet?
  • Multi-currency wallets

What is a multi-currency wallet?

If you need to store more than one cryptocurrency it might be inconvenient to use various wallets for different coins. That’s when you can give a multi-currency wallet a try. It is a type of wallet that can support multiple currencies. Thus, it eliminates the problem of several wallets. 

However, you have to be careful when selecting a secure multi-currency wallet suitable for your needs. Here are some of the most modern wallets that you can take into consideration.

Multi-currency wallets


Coinomi was founded in 2014. It supports more than 200 coins.It is considered to be an extremely secure wallet. The main feature of Coinomi is that private keys never leave users’ devices. The significant thing to pay attention to Coinomi is the fact that this wallet has never been hacked. This service also guarantees anonymity by hiding users’ IPs. Moreover, Coinomi gives users a way to get income using cold staking. The interesting part here is that it works even when the user is offline.Coinomi is available for Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux in several languages.

You can check this wallet here:


Exodus provides an opportunity to store more than 50 cryptocurrencies. It is also a safety-centered wallet. The significant feature of this wallet is that no one but the user can see the remaining balance or any other information unless he/she wants to share it. So all the files are stored on the user's hard drive under heavy encryption. Exodus interacts only with cryptocurrencies. To start using it customers should have some amount of crypto supported by this service. Exodus can be used as both a desktop and a mobile wallet.

You can get more information here:


Ledger Nano is a hardware wallet. It means that it is a separate device that stores the record of all the information about users transactions, balances, etc. Hardware wallets are supposed to be more secure than digital versions because it is harder to get access to this type of wallet. Users don’t have to connect this separate device to PC every time they want to check some information. It has a screen and simple navigation to manage some basic needs. Ledger is constantly improving security for its customers. Moreover, Ledger has a number of hardware wallets. Users can choose the one that suits their purposes best.

Follow this link to visit the Ledger official website:


KeepKey is a hardware multi-currency wallet. Users can store, exchange, and trade cryptocurrencies within the same wallet. More than 40 cryptocurrencies are available for storage in this wallet. One of the important features of this wallet is that users are able to generate an unlimited number of private keys. Moreover, it is easy to use, and claimed to be very secure.

The official site of KeepKey is here:

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty is not just a multi-currency wallet, it is also a platform where users can store and exchange cryptocurrencies, follow the news and markets. It is claimed to be easy to use and free. There is a cryptocurrency portfolio option so users can control all the assets from the same app. The best part is that Jaxx is suitable for all types of devices.

More information about Jaxx Liberty:


Trezor is a multi-currency hardware wallet. Trezor has a high level of security. Although all the information is stored offline, users have constant access to all their assets. It also has an intuitive interface. Various configurations of Trezor wallet provide different features that help to adjust wallet to customers’ needs. Trezor supports more than 1000 coins, which makes it convenient for users who have to deal with a great variety of cryptocurrencies.

You can get your Trezor here:


Guarda is a multi-currency wallet which has its web, mobile, and desktop versions. It is a software extension. The best thing about this wallet is that it has a lot of different variations. Users are able to choose the most suitable one. Guarda users have total control over their assets. It is promised that personal information is not collected, so users can be sure their actions are anonymous. 

There is the Guarda Wallet link:


Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that can be downloaded to a personal computer as an application. All the data is stored on the user's PC in encrypted form. With the help of this wallet users can send, receive, and hold cryptocurrency. Trading is available for some coins.

You can check the Atomic Wallet website here:

There is a wide range of multi-currency wallets, each of them has its peculiarities. That is why the best way to choose one is to consider the main necessity of using it first.

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