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The Collaboration of Celestia and Polygon

Jan 23, 2024
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This blog post will cover:

  • Celestia's modular design and data availability sampling (DAS) technology
  • The Celestia and Polygon collaboration
  • Conclusion

In an impactful collaboration, Celestia, a modular data availability (DA) network, and Polygon, a prominent blockchain platform, are joining efforts to redefine the sphere of layer-2 blockchains built on Ethereum. This collaboration, which is going live some time at the beginning of 2023, aims at addressing pivotal challenges in blockchain scalability, data availability, and transaction costs, marking a noteworthy change in the evolution of blockchain adoption.

Today, we are going to look into the collaboration and see why some experts believe it can have a great impact on the crypto sphere and its future.

Celestia's modular design and data availability sampling (DAS) technology

Central to Celestia's methodology is the modular design that enables users to effortlessly launch their own blockchain without relying on a predefined validator set. 

An integral part of Celestia's infrastructure is its Data Availability Sampling technology, a solution addressing the impracticality of downloading all data as blocks increase in size. This approach ensures scalable and secure verification of large blocks by light nodes, giving a platform for the secure expansion of blockchain networks as the user base grows.

The Celestia and Polygon collaboration

Polygon, recognized for its layer-2 (L2) projects, has introduced the Chain Development Kit (CDK). This is essentially a codebase which is open for all developers who want to access it. It is tailored for the development of such projects that are built on top of the L1 chains, e.g. Ethereum. 

Polygon’s specialty is the zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups that are used on these blockchains to process their users’ operations off-chain and finalize them on mainnet to solve the scalability problem of the L1 chains. Although, challenges arise in verifying data availability, particularly given that Ethereum does not feature a specialized execution environment.

The collaboration between the crypto projects aims to integrate Celestia's DA layer with Polygon CDK. It should provide a data availability solution specifically made for L2 projects, for example, OKX, Immutable, Astar, etc. 

The primary objective is to make using the platforms cheaper by reducing gas fees, a crucial element in the broader Polygon 2.0 ecosystem — an interconnected network of layer-2 chains designed for seamless interaction.

Celestia's DA layer has a rather high throughput and modular architecture, so it emerges as a significant player in the blockchain space. Through integration with Polygon CDK, blockchain developers get the opportunity to utilize a user-friendly platform, streamlining the process of creating scalable L2 blockchain projects on Ethereum.

Polygon’s co-founder Sandeep Nailwal underscores the collaborative nature of this endeavor, stating that once the product is live, creating new L2 blockchains will become “as straightforward as deploying a smart contract.” This vision aligns with the broader goal of creating a more accessible future for all participants in the future development of the Web3 ecosystem.


With Celestia's ability to scale securely using DAS and Polygon CDK's user-friendly platform, the collaboration sets the stage for further adoption of Web3 technologies. This partnership not only addresses current challenges in blockchain technology but also paves the way for a more user-friendly and accessible future of the crypto space.

As Celestia's DA solution seamlessly integrates into the Polygon CDK ecosystem, the vision of a seamless and interconnected web of ZK-powered blockhains becomes tangible, marking a significant stride in the evolution of Web3. This collaborative breakthrough represents progress toward the realization of a scalable, secure, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.

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