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THORChain Price Prediction

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • RUNE statistics
  • THORChain Roadmap
  • Crypto community about THORChain
  • RUNE Price Prediction
  • RUNE Price Prediction 2025
  • RUNE Historical Price Analysis

THORChain is a distributed exchange that has a number of special features, such as continuous liquidity pools and an ability to create cross-chain liquidity pools. According to the White paper, THORChain is determined to provide a non-custodial, connected, and distributed way to exchange digital assets. It started on the Binance Chain, however, later it migrated to its own blockchain.

RUNE is a native token of THORChain. It is used as a reward for users who stake their tokens into a liquidity pool. Users can earn fees from tokens accumulated in the pool. RUNE is created to run the economy within the network.

RUNE statistics

Here is the RUNE crypto statistics from the CoinMarketCap service:

Price prediction at 12.08.2023:
RUNE price: $6.442980040638876
Market capitalization: $87089.65930952725
Volume (24h): $283309.79495497
Circulating supply: 13516.98418437 RUNE
Total supply: 13516.98418437 RUNE
Max supply: 22530 RUNE

THORChain Roadmap

THORChain is a very young project.

  • The public testnet was launched in early 2020. At this stage 60,000 RUNE were distributed among the top 10 users and users who build products on the blockchain. 
  • ChaosNetThis stage supposes around 600k RUNE staked and from 6 to 12 pools available for swaps, 12 active nodes.
  • Mainnet LaunchMainnet will support the Binance Chain, and will be created for Ethereum and Bitcoin. Mainnet will have an unlimited possibility to stake RUNE and will be completely decentralized.
  • Asgard WalletThe wallet will be launched at the same time as Mainnet; it will support Binance assets. The support of ETH and BTC will follow.

Crypto community about THORChain

In spite of the difficulties that THORChain has experienced lately, its community has been extremely supportive and understanding.

This shows how extremely loyal the community is and also shows the trust users give to the project.

RUNE Price Prediction

Let’s take a look at the predictions analysts make for the future of RUNE.

Price prediction at 12.08.2023:
Minimum RUNE price for 2023: $0.6716645161290321
Maximum RUNE price for 2023: $56.413999999999994
Average RUNE price for 2023: $26.037781075268814

Year-end RUNE price predictions 2023:
Minimum expected: $0.6716645161290321
Maximum expected: $2.015290322580645
Average expected: $1.3436129032258062

RUNE Price Prediction 2025

As of November 12, 2021: has a very optimistic prediction. Statistics based on this resource show that RUNE has a possibility to start the year at $30.47 and grow all the way to $62.79, which is an impressive increase. 

According to 2025 will bring a price decline. It may go down from $42.96 to $34.78.

RUNE Historical Price Analysis

As of January 10, 2022:

All Time High (May 19, 2021): $21.26All Time Low (Sept 27, 2019): $0.007

The beginning of November 2021 was marked by a sudden fall in the price. It happened because of the technical issues that occurred during the launch of the $THOR token. However, generally RUNE price has been in a bullish trend since the beginning of 2021. The upgoing trend is definitely a result of the devoted teamwork as well as active communication with the THORChain community.

The THORChain project proved itself to be a reliable network that is ready to acknowledge the worries of the community. The RUNE token price has been growing since it was issued, which shows that users put their trust into the project. So this is one of the projects that are interesting to track and learn more about.

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