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What Is Cryowar?

Nov 22, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • About Cryowar (CWAR)
  • Where did Cryowar (CWAR) come from?
  • What are the advantages of Cryowar (CWAR)?
  • What are the disadvantages of Cryowar (CWAR)?
  • How to buy Cryowar (CWAR) on SimpleSwap?

About Cryowar (CWAR)

CWAR is the Cryowar token of a multi-user play-to-earn game developed with the Unreal Engine and powered by the Solana network. Cryowar is a synthesis of several game processes and models that are traditional for the blockchain world and usually include DAO, NFT, and DeFi. The game has as a mobile application for Android or iOS devices, as well as a full-fledged computer version. Cryowar is a sci-fi game that immerses participants in the battles of the medieval world. The main action of the Cryowar gameplay is the struggle for property, dominion over territories and other additional resources. In other words, each player can not only acquire the opponent's resources but also lose their own as a result of battles.

The CWAR token is a utility in-game token. There is an opportunity to use a token to pay for tools that are necessary to grow crops, vote for managing a particular function of the gaming platform, as well as for other internal options.Initially, players buy character skins with the CWAR tokens. Later with the same token players can purchase game items, land, and even pets. Moreover, holders of CWAR tokens have a higher chance of getting a specific skin or in-game items. The gameplay involves the participation of characters in tournaments and duels, which can only be entered with CWAR. Winners of tournaments also receive CWAR as a reward for their victory. This complex system exists in order to provide liquidity and stability to the economy of the entire Cryowar ecosystem.

The development team places great emphasis on the distribution of the received income. The Cryowar website describes in detail how much of the income should be used to improve deflationary mechanisms. So, for example, 100% of fees, sales of NFT land, and sales of NFT points will be directed to improve the project. Profits from tournaments and battles, as well as market trading will be used to develop the project (40% of fees), burn tokens (30%) and provide funds for live and online tournaments (also 30%).

Where did Cryowar (CWAR) come from?

The founders of the Cryowar project are close friends Nikolai Petrovich and Alessandro Ciavola Pennelli. Petrovich and Pennelli met at the school of game design. It was while studying at this school that the idea of ​​creating the Cryowar project appeared. The development of the project started in the summer of 2018. At the end of 2020, Petrovich and Pennelli met Konstantina Georgieva and Mariyan Boychev. This meeting served as the starting point for their cooperation, and the team decided to create a game in the blockchain-gaming-DeFi-DAO metaverse. Cryowar focuses on the development of 4 main sides which represent the main values ​​of the project: Games, DeFi, NFT, and DAO that developers are presenting as the main final goal of the project. The team strives to create a decentralized platform where players can earn cryptocurrency and which will attract investors.

What are the advantages of Cryowar (CWAR)?

The development team came up with several stabilizing mechanisms that help protect the token from excessive volatility. Let's note the most important of them:

  • Burning of tokens
    The developers deliberately destroy some of the tokens in order to limit the supply and raise the value of the asset.
  • Reinvestment of profits
    Profits gained during the first should be reinvested into the development and improvement of the mechanisms of the platform.
  • Redemption of tokens in the secondary market
    The practice of buyback is an important tool in the arsenal of the project development team, which allows them to stimulate the market and raise the value of their shares while retaining ownership of their shares.

What are the disadvantages of Cryowar (CWAR)?

  • Two development teams
    There are 2 teams working on the development of the project: a team of mobile game developers and a team of PC game developers. The integration of the two types of games is not new, but a relatively unexplored story for blockchain games. This raises doubts among a part of the gaming community regarding the stability of the development of the project.

How to buy Cryowar (CWAR) on SimpleSwap?

If you are interested in the project and want to buy CWAR to start playing, just go to the SimpleSwap service and follow these steps:

  • For example, you want to swap BTC for CWAR. Select the currency you want to exchange (e.g. BTC) in the first drop-downlist. Then enter the amount you want to swap.
  • Select CWAR in the second drop-down list. You’ll see the estimated amount that you’ll get after the exchange.
  • Click the Exchange button.
  • Enter the Recipient's Address. CWAR will be sent. Be careful and make sure you use the correct address.
  • Create the exchange.
  • You will see the Bitcoin deposit address. You need to transfer the necessary amount of BTC to this address to start the BTC to CWAR exchange.

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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