Where You Can Pay With Crypto

Nov 29, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • Retailers accepting cryptocurrency
  • Hotels and traveling
  • Food and drinks
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Online services

We hear more and more about cryptocurrency. A lot of new projects have emerged, and people are very excited about the opportunities that crypto may provide. One of the biggest problems is mass adoption. Some experts claim that the mechanism is too complicated for people to start using it in a short time. At the same time in some places you can already use crypto as a payment method. Just recently online electronics retailer Newegg announced that now it is among shops that accept cryptocurrency, specifically Dogecoins. Time Magazine also allows to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for digital subscriptions. So, let's look at different companies that are driving crypto adoption.

Retailers accepting cryptocurrency


In February 2021 Tesla announced the purchase of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and at the end of March 2021 Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, announced that the company is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment. All company’s products will still be priced in dollars, however, customers are able to choose the payment method. The most innovative thing about this event is that Tesla is going to keep Bitcoin as it is instead of converting BTC into dollars.


Probably everyone heard that Bill Gates was not very excited about crypto. And the fact that crypto was added as a payment method was not followed by the official announcement. Nonetheless, Microsoft is among the companies that accept crypto now. Its users in America can purchase games and apps using crypto payments.
However, Microsoft Corporation was working on another interesting project. It has created a decentralized identity platform ION. At the end of March 2021, it came live on Bitcoin mainnet. This platform created digital IDs that can be used in social networks or other online services that require verification.

Hotels and traveling

The Kessler Collection

If you are fond of traveling, this opportunity is right for you. The Kessler Collection became the first U.S. luxury hotel group that decided to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This group includes 8 hotels, and all of them will participate. To allow customers to make crypto payments The Kessler Collection has partnered with BitPay. Fravy Collazo, Kessler Chief Financial Officer, explained that payments in cryptocurrency are cheaper and easier for international travelers than exchanging currency. is an online traveling agency. It helps users to find accommodation, book flights, and different tourist activities. Travala is backed by Binance, which helps this service to provide crypto payments for its customers. The traveling platform accepts about 40 cryptocurrencies. But what seriously differs this company from others is that it has a native token AVA. It can be used for payments, to get rewards and discounts, and has a lot of other benefits.

Food and drinks

BTC Wine

It’s not just hotels and cars that can be bought with Bitcoin now, how do you feel about fine wine? BTC Wine, an Online Luxury Fine Wine Merchant accepting cryptocurrency, is another BitPay partner. This company is based in Bordeaux, France and ships wine all around the world. Now if you are a real wine connoisseur, you may appreciate an opportunity to enjoy a new way of purchasing your favorite beverage.

Cardano Estates

Recently Cardano Estates Winery started accepting Cardano’s cryptocurrency as a means of payment. So, now ADA owners can get a bottle of Cabernet for crypto.

buy wine with BTC
© Kym Ellis / Unsplash


What Bitcoiner does not dream of buying a morning cup of coffee with BTC? Starbucks makes this dream come true with the help of the Bakkt wallet. These two companies concluded a partnership agreement in 2021. To be honest, Starbucks tried other ways to give customers the opportunity to pay with crypto. For example, years ago the company partnered with the iPayYou app. The new collaboration promises more benefits such as bonus card integration.

Non-profit organizations


Cryptocurrency can be used not only for fun and pleasure. Back in 2019 Wikipedia added an opportunity to make donations in crypto. It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether. Unlike Tesla, Wikipedia converts funds into dollars, and it does not store any cryptocurrency.

Online services


An online-based platform that allows users to create their online stores is also a part of the crypto community. It has partnered with four payment providers that allow accepting crypto on Shopify: BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, GoCoin, It accepts more than 300 coins.


Netflix is one the most wanted streaming service. Undoubtedly, it would be nice to purchase a subscription with cryptocurrency. However, Netflix doesn't allow direct crypto payments so far. Do not get upset yet. There is a way! Users can buy a Netflix gift card with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and more. And then it can be used on the platform.

buy a Netflix gift card with Bitcoin
© Kym Ellis / Unsplash


Amazon has the same system as Netflix. Customers cannot make direct payments with crypto yet, but it is possible to buy a gift card at Bitrefill with cryptocurrency and then use it to purchase goods at Amazon.

The number of companies joining the crypto community is increasing very fast. This proves that cryptocurrency can be used in real life and even its volatility does not seem to be such a big problem.
We hope that our article helped you to understand the trend better. Thank you for your attention. And you are welcome to share your experience with us. Do you use crypto? What is your favorite place to spend crypto?

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