Cemeteries In Metaverse

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Remember
  • Solaghosts
  • Marble Town

Lately there have been a lot of talks about people slowly moving their lives into the virtual world. People now are having weddings and attending concerts and galleries online, they are buying estate and meeting people there. Metaverse attracts a lot of attention for life and business opportunities, but can it be a place for the afterlife too? Halloween is the best time to discuss this topic, isn't it? 👻

There are several projects that are concentrated on the using metaverse for cemeteries. It turns out that limitless Internet may solve a serious problem connected with the lack of land, which is being used for this purpose. Apart from strictly practical thinking, virtual cemeteries allow people to keep memories of somebody, but in a new (and more convenient for some of them) way.

Here are some platforms that are actively working on creating cemeteries in the metaverse.


Remember is a metaverse created specifically to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Here, in a Memorial Park, users can become owners of their land and place a Memorial Stone.

This project is considered to be the first one, which started to act in this direction. The team was inspired by the virtual funeral that several gamers had for their friend in 2020.

Remember sells tombstones as NFTs, and so far they have sold thousands of them. Such a tombstone works as a key that opens a monument where a user can store valuable memories in the form of images, videos, or even sounds.


Solaghosts is another project that specializes in virtual burial places. However, the experience that users can receive on this platform is more gamified. Participants can create their own ghosts and give them stories and then make graves for them. Token holders are rewarded for honoring their ghosts and can participate in various activities, such as the El Día de los Muertos ceremony. The team describes the idea of the project as “an interactive cemetery”.

Marble Town

Marble Town is a metaverse dedicated to remembrance of the deceased. People can create a monument, a gravestone or a crypt in the memory of people who are no longer alive. There is also an opportunity to create events, including a memorial service. The uniqueness of this project lies in the usage of a special protocol, called “proof-of-death”. This instrument is supposed to make sure that only really deceased people are buried here. Moreover, Marble Town widens the horizons and also allows people to make graves for pets.

The amount of cemeteries in the metaverse is growing rapidly. People are showing extreme interest in the subject. The thing that dramatically increased the interest in online events is COVID pandemic. It can be noticed that a lot of metaverse cemeteries have appeared since 2020. Funerals are a highly important ritual, and not being able to attend them made people look for a solution. For whatever reason, metaverse cemeteries are developing fast. And the result might surprise us in the future.

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