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How to Protect Yourself in the Metaverse

Jul 12, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • The “dark side” of Metaverses
  • Cyberbullying and other unwanted behavior
  • Conclusion 

The Metaverse is a quite new and fascinating technology that many people are just getting familiar with. As for the moment, there are numerous different types of Metaverses as the technology itself is still trying to find the best direction to evolve. It’s okay if you are excited about this new technology, but there are a number of things you should watch out for.

Most people tend to let their guard down when it comes to new technologies and approach them with complete enthusiasm, often overlooking even the most basic security precautions. Be reminded that the Metaverse is just yet another part of the Internet, which is a place where scams and threats occur as well. In this article we will give you an overview on how to protect yourself while enjoying the Metaverse.

The “dark side” of Metaverses

Even considering that Metaverse is an online space, we should be aware of any risks and dangers that could occur there. Talking about cyber crime that has already happened in Metaverse — there is a “Crypto Crime Cartel” case that perfectly illustrates it. It took place three years ago, when the group of criminals was operating in the online community called Second Life. These scammers asked users to log in and share personal info via a phishing scheme, which was later used to snatch the digital assets. This malicious group of people has committed identity theft and money crimes in reality by using the obtained information. Here you may get acquainted with other crypto crime cases.

The situation described above shows that it is important to know what crime types exist in Metaverse and do everything to prevent them. Many of the dangers you might face in any Metaverse are pretty similar to the usual dangers of the Internet. 

Data breaches

The first and most common are data breaches. When a recent technology is full of new and unproven players, one must be very careful sharing private data with somebody. 

What to do. It is always best to use at least a few different passwords on different sites, and this is especially true if you are keen to explore the Metaverse. It might not be the best idea to use the same email address and password combination to register in a new Metaverse you know nothing about, that you use for online banking services for example. The same goes for personal information, such as your real name, address, date of birth and other general information, that might be used to impersonate you or scam you. On some platforms, it is possible to set the privacy settings in order to control the exposure of your personal data.


Hacking is another issue that you should watch out for when you are in the Metaverse. Keep it in mind that since the whole concept of the Metaverse is pretty new, many Metaverses suffer from known and unknown security breaches that could prove dangerous for your computer or cellphone. The lack of regulation and the lack of experience people have with Metaverses also means that you may be more easily hacked while connected to the Metaverse than as if you were just browsing random websites on the internet.

What to do. Make sure to use the 2-factor authentication for your Metaverse accounts, if possible. This will help you to strengthen data protection and lower the chance of hacks. If you face any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to report it — this will help you to avoid potential hacking and make the Metaverse a safer place for other users. Another important point is to keep both of your hardware and software updated. The latest security upgrades help prevent malicious activity. 


Fraud is also very widespread in some Metaverses. It’s nothing more elaborate, if not even more simple than what you could see in a regular MMO video game for example but given that the Metaverse is a new and exciting technology, people simply let their guard down and fall for it. In the Metaverse you might have the opportunity to buy virtual items for money or participate in virtual activities for money. 

What to do. Make sure that the Metaverse you are connected to can be trusted before giving them any financial details, such as your card details to make a virtual purchase. Also make sure that you do not buy virtual items from other players, who could just run off with your money and never actually deliver you the item. Although the latter usually only costs you a few dollars, it still can be a very annoying and inconvenient experience that ruins your overall impression.

Cyberbullying and other unwanted behavior

This one is a point we’d like to discuss apart from others. Bullying and intimidating others is also possible in a virtual environment. Unfortunately, since many Metaverses are still not adequately moderated, online trolls are very active there. Most of them will be just annoying, but harmless, however if someone starts to make real-life threats to you in the Metaverse, you should definitely consider reporting and disconnecting. 

You never know what type of person sits at the other end of the Metaverse, so it’s best to distance yourself from such players. Other people may bully virtual character’s appearances or just keep sending random unwanted messages. In most Metaverses you can report these people and even ban them from contacting you, and they should soon lose interest and let you be. 

Defending yourself against toxic behavior in the Metaverse is actually very similar to defending yourself against toxic behavior online or offline. Remember to avoid toxic people and not let them ruin the experience of the Metaverse for you. 


The things that are possible in any social network, can also occur in the Metaverse. Do not forget that this is a digital space and nobody has the right to make you do something you don’t want to do. One important advice to follow is to check the Metaverse before signing in. Read the reviews from real users, check the interface, presence of 2FA and the opportunity to change the privacy settings. 

If something bad has already happened, make sure to quickly report the accident to the Metaverse moderators, save the screenshots of conversation with the scammer and his Metaverse ID. This will prove his guilt and help the administration help you. 

Metaverse is really not that scary — by following all the above precautions, you can ensure your safety and fully enjoy the experience in the digital world. 

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