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Monthly Digest: July

Aug 9, 2023
8 min read

This blog post will cover:

  • Partnerships & Product updates
  • Listings
  • Blog
  • Learn
  • Socials

We try to capture every summer moment and today we look back at what July was like for SimpleSwap and the Crypto World. Let's go!

Partnerships & Product updates

OsmWallet, a non-custodial crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension, became our partner in July. CoinFox and Stake IT are also among those projects which joined the Affiliate Program this month. Welcome aboard!

We try to make the Crypto World in all its diversity more accessible to a larger audience and we are glad to announce that now all fans of the KAS crypto can conveniently exchange it on using the SimpleSwap widget.

Welcome to find SimpleSwap on This service provides an opportunity to check different KYC-free platforms and find the best cryptocurrency rates. We are sure that due to this partnership, more people will like our crypto prices and appreciate the safe exchanges on SimpleSwap.


Every month there are new listings on SimpleSwap. Now among the great variety of cryptocurrencies you can also find COMBO, BOB, CANDY, TRAC, SPONGE, KARATE, LBR, OMN, GMMT, PLANET, WIT, SHIB2, AURA, GAMMA, EGO, FNSA, HOME, AG, ELS, GETA, AMC, ARKM, WLD, and many others!

We’ve already added over 1000 cryptocurrencies to our service, and we plan to keep it up. Check the full list of tokens and coins available for exchange here


Our team recognizes the significance of collaborating with partners and maintaining honesty with customers. That is why we decided to describe in detail how SimpleSwap helped Terraport Finance to return stolen funds.

This month one of the most notable events in the Crypto World was the Ripple winning the case against the SEC and we covered it in our Blog post. The famous crypto company obtained a notable win in the US District Court on July 13. Judge delivered a partial ruling in favor of the firm litigating against the SEC. Read our article if you'd like to get more details.

We described the launch of the WLD token and some main facts about this cryptocurrency, welcome to check out the info. In case you are interested in this token, you can always exchange Worldcoin on SimpleSwap.

As for educational content, concepts such as Atomic Swaps and Hyperbitcoinization were explained. 

Keep your safety as the main priority, and don’t miss the instruction on how to protect yourself in the Metaverse.


Major crypto news analysis, niche DeFi strategies, and much more – here’s what Learn made for you in July.

In times of fluctuations, you may feel lost. Our analysts have presented a market uncertainty strategy and portfolio to ensure that you don't lose money or even benefit from the crypto market instability. 

The Ripple XRP lawsuit has come to an end, which couldn't help but reflect the coin’s price – check the XRP tech analysis for well-thought investment decisions on your portfolio. The rise of LTC, showcasing stable growth amidst corrections in 2023, might be another way of portfolio rebalancing. 

Fundamental research is time-consuming to conduct, but we love it. Check out the Arbitrum ecosystem review and THETA fundamental analysis to learn about pros, cons, competitors, tokenomics, and all the essential data you need to know before investing. 

Last but not least, there’s a new Thena-Beefy liquidity pool strategy. Feel free to use our instruction and enjoy automatic compounding and passive income with the USDT-USDC pair.


Socials have been busy this July. Apart from announcing all the exciting integrations and partnerships we’ve been working on, there has also been a big event celebrating the listing of more than 1000 cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap. We’ve asked our Twitter audience 5 questions about SimpleSwap and rewarded 5 winners with crypto. You seem to like the event, so stay tuned for more!

SimpleSwap team is happy to provide you with safe, convenient, and profitable exchanges as well as tell you about the main news of the Crypto World. Watch our Youtube video below to check the highlights of July.

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