Pancat Coin — The Army Of Crypto Cats

Nov 29, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • What is Pancat Coin? 
  • The background of Pancat Coin
  • What is PANCAT used for?
  • Why is everybody talking about PANCAT?
  • Conclusion

“Meme” coins are cryptocurrencies launched using recognizable memes as their logo or at the center of their creative direction. Meme coins also have the connotation that they are purely speculative and created to attract community sentiment, and some deride meme coins as pure gambling. But like any cryptocurrency, some meme coins are better than others. For every dog meme-based coin that takes off like Shiba Inu, there are another five or ten meme coin projects that fizzle out.

Pancat Coin (PANCAT) is a meme coin developed not just to act as a store of speculative value but also created with the vision of creating utility supported by several community-driven projects – while being based on cat memes.

Interested in joining the growing army of crypto cats? Or maybe you’d want to buy PANCAT? Let’s take a closer look at PANCAT and redefine the meaning of meme coins.

What is Pancat Coin? 

Pancat Coin is a meme-based crypto project built on the Polygon Network. PANCAT was initially developed as a meme token. However, it realigned its mission/vision by going above and beyond the typical characteristics of a speculative meme coin with some big plans.

Pancat is planning to build a revolutionary, free crypto community focusing on establishing a new community-driven and value-generating meme token with big ambitions. PANCAT’s focus is to distinguish itself from the rampant scams and rug pulls that pervade the meme coin scene – and establish the leading cat meme coin in the industry with an actual vision. However, only time will tell if Pancat manages to attain the goals and not to become another scam concept.  

Pancat Coin is claimed to be special because of its focus on building several crypto projects that haven’t been seen yet in meme coin history. PANCAT’s main idea is to establish an entire crypto ecosystem with the following initiatives: 

  • Establishing the PANCAT NFT project. The Pancat community is developing an NFT platform which purpose is to mint a collection of non-fungible token cats that can be used at the owner’s full discretion – as a tradeable NFT that users can utilize as a PFP avatar or sell/exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  • Creating the PANCATSWAP decentralized exchange. The Pancat community is building a decentralized exchange granting the army of cats greater freedom and flexibility to conduct their trades and transfer tokens seamlessly across blockchain networks from and to Polygon/Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain, among others, with full functionality and low fees.
  • Developing PANCATGAME. And since we all know how cats love to play, Pancat Coin is also developing a blockchain-based gaming project powered by its collection of Pancat NFTs. Want to get into blockchain and play-to-earn gaming with like-minded members of the army of cats? Stay tuned.

The background of Pancat Coin

The PANCAT ecosystem was built on Polygon (ERC-20), allowing future cat army members with the flexibility and environment to transact with their Pancat coins as they see fit, with transaction fees nearing zero and robust block formation that features a burning and hyper-deflationary algorithm to reward every PANCAT holder.

PANCAT went live in the closing months of 2021 as a team of seasoned blockchain investors linked up with Polygon to launch the cat meme token project with a vision. Since then, the number of PANCAT holders has increased to over five thousand wallets and counting – a testament to the project’s long-term viability and its community’s dedication to seeing its vision come to life.

What is PANCAT used for?

PANCAT is the native cryptocurrency token supporting the Pancat Coin ecosystem that features PancatSwap, Pancat NFTs, and the platform’s blockchain gaming protocol. 

PANCAT issued a total of 500 quadrillion tokens in circulation, with over 50% of the supply burned so as not to allow price manipulation but instead to boost administrative support by offering PANCAT tokens to institutional partners who wish to help build the community-based protocol.

Best of all, 4% of platform transaction fees will be redistributed to PANCAT token holders, helping them earn passive income just by merely holding. The latter mechanism and the projects being built on PANCAT enables constant token circulation and token burning throughout the ecosystem, increasing the value of the token overall.

Also, 1% of the supply is promised to be dedicated to animal charity funds as part of the platform’s social responsibility.

Why is everybody talking about PANCAT?

PANCAT has all the chances to gain the support of many crypto enthusiasts because of its vision of creating an ecosystem that exceeds the expectations that most crypto followers have about meme coins – particularly the extreme volatility, lack of utility, and lack of adoption.

PANCAT is addressing those inherent problems of meme coins by creating a vast blockchain ecosystem incorporating DeFi, NFT, and blockchain gaming support with the viral potential of memes.

It's this bold and unprecedented step of fully moving towards a community-driven project in the hands of the army of cats working together to build a protocol that’s more than just a meme coin – but rather as a platform for the people, which is directly rewarding its members for their active contributions. So this is why so many people are discussing the project and willing to buy PANCAT cryptocurrency. 


PANCAT is a well-conceptualized, well-structured, and above all, well-run project that wants to be more than just a meme coin. With concrete, achievable goals, solid tokenomics, and a roadmap, PANCAT is a meme coin that can actually deliver products that are sure to captivate not just its fanbase, but also investors looking to get into a meme coin project with tangible, proven long-term viability. However, we will see how the team will keep the popularity of Pancat further, and if this crypto project is worth keeping its position on the steep staircase of the crypto market. Despite ambitious goals, the project still looks like a raw and risky investment, so let’s give it some time and keep an eye on it. 

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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