SimpleHold Wallet Review: Features And More

Nov 29, 2022
8 min read

This blog post will cover:

  • What is SimpleHold wallet?
  • Why is it noncustodial?
  • How many cryptocurrencies are there?
  • What about convenience?
  • Keeping up with the times
  • SimpleHold features
  • Is SimpleHold wallet secure?
  • How to create a new wallet and address

Since crypto became an essential part of our life, there were crypto wallets for any taste. The list of possible options is purely fantastic, just google it, and you’ll be overwhelmed with a number of possibilities. SimpleHold team knew that it was going to be quite a tough thing to create a perfect wallet everybody would like, but it worked hard and brought you a product you can use with incredible simplicity. They’re still on our way and develop every single day to make using crypto as enjoyable as possible. Let us guide you through the wallet.

What is SimpleHold wallet?

SimpleHold Wallet is a noncustodial wallet that makes it easy to process all your crypto operations. SimpleSwap, a well-known and trustable crypto exchange, backed the SimpleHold wallet, adding another layer of credibility.

Why is it noncustodial?

That was a pivotal point, as there is nothing between you and your funds. A noncustodial wallet is a key to connecting directly to the crypto industry without any 3rd parties. It also means your personal data belongs to you, as you don’t have to pass the KYC or alike procedures. Those things make you the only owner of your keys and thus, crypto.

How many cryptocurrencies are there?

It’s widely believed that there are more than 19,000 cryptos out there and dozens of blockchain platforms in existence. At the moment of writing, SimpleHold already has over 220 well-known currencies you can start managing right now. Of course, that’s just for a starter.

What about convenience?

SimpleHold is a mobile app that is 24/7 ready to be with you in all your crypto journeys. Its neat but catchy UI/UX design makes onboarding as easy as possible. SimpleHold’s team wanted to provide you with an app that has only the necessary buttons and icons to save your time and boost all the processes.

Keeping up with the times

The wallet is always following trends, that’s why it’s NFT-friendly. All the NFTs you already have or just minted can be securely stored within the app.

SimpleHold features

So, how to use SimpleHold Wallet to the fullest? Here are some features that will help you to maximize your overall crypto experience:

  • Send, receive, store and swap

You can instantly start sending, receiving, storing, and swapping your cryptos. No long onboarding processes, KYC, and time-consuming sign-ups. All you have to do is to set up a wallet and use it.

  • 100% free to download

Click the download button and set up the wallet for free. Here’s your bright and prosperous future begins. Okay, let’s focus attention on that one more time — the wallet is absolutely free to use. Go ahead!

  • NFT compatible

Have you ever dreamt about having your own NFT gallery? SimpleHold definitely loves non-fungible tokens. That’s why it’s possible to store and view NFTs within the wallet.

  • Instant Crypto Swaps

Believe us, this one is something really cool. A built-in swapping feature empowers you to exchange your crypto just with 1 click. How does it work? SimpleSwap’s aggregator gathers all the information about the best rates on the market, then compares them among multiple platforms and provides you with the most profitable ones.

  • WalletConnect

Here’s another handy feature. With it, you can connect to various DApps of decentralized finance (DeFi). Simply choose the DApp you want to use, connect with either a QR code or a deep link, and start interacting with it.

  • Vast currency range

Whatever your favorite coin or token, you’ll find anything you like in the SimpleHold wallet. Pick any currency from 200+ assets, or ask to list it if you can’t find your favorite asset by any chance.

  • Cold storage compatible

SimpleHold is a hot wallet, but if you would like to link a cold one, you can easily do that. SimpleHold is compatible with two trustworthy ‘whales’ among cold wallets such as Ledger and Trezor.

  • Data backup

Whatever happens with your device, you can backup your data. By doing this, you won’t lose your wallet entirely. What is a backup? The backup file has private keys and other essential data necessary to restore access to your wallet in case something goes wrong.

  • Available on all platforms

SimpleHold is a mobile app for Android and iOS, but there is also an extension on Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Opera browsers. Choose the most convenient option or use both.

  • Push notifications

Thanks to fruitful pop-ups in the wallet, you’ll always be updated with the latest news, fixed bugs, price changes, and upcoming events.

  • 24/7 human support

SimpleHold’s support team is always there for you if you have an issue to fix. Leave a ticket, and your problem will be solved immediately. A support team is always by your side to help you, whatever the problem.

Is SimpleHold wallet secure?

Security is indeed a backbone for SimpleHold. Hackers and bad actors are constantly improving the ways of stealing and using your credentials for stealing your funds. Considering that, the wallet was designed without sign-ups and the KYC procedures but with an opportunity to back up your key and password. Remember, the only person who owns your crypto while using SimpleHold is you, and only you.

But what exactly does SimpleHold do to be a truly secure wallet? Here’s the secret revealed:

  • Your keys = your funds

The SimpleHold wallet keeps your private keys and related information on your device so that you have entire control over your data.

  • Passcode

A passcode feature helps to protect your funds from undesirable access. Users can enable the passcode feature in the settings of the app.

  • Openness

The SimpleHold wallet app is open to security audits with an open-source code. Anyone can see the wallet’s code.

  • Recovery Phrase

The wallet offers to make up a recovery phrase at the time of wallet creation for backing up all the funds. It would be possible to recover your funds in the event of unexpected circumstances.

  • Face ID

This makes signing up process way easier, quicker, and more secure using a Face ID feature.

  • Anonymity

You set up, install and use the wallet without providing any personal data. The wallet does not gather any type of your personal data and doesn’t ask to go through the KYC procedure.

How to create a new wallet and address

There is nothing easier than that. If you need to create a wallet for your favorite token or coin, you just need to follow several easy steps. We’ve prepared a kind of a guide for you on how to create a Cardano ($ADA) wallet right away:

  • Download a SimpleHold mobile app from App Store or Google Play;
  • Follow up our seamless onboarding;
  • Generate a New Wallet if you still don’t have it;
  • Enter a Password and re-enter it to confirm;
  • Create a strong Passcode;
  • Use Face ID to quickly access the wallet;
  • Tap the “Plus” icon and Generate a new address;
  • In the list of tokens, type “$ADA”;
  • Confirm the creating of an address by typing your password;

Hooray! Now you have a Cardano Wallet to store, receive, send, and swap your $ADAs. 🥳

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