Do you like games and competitions as we do? Then we invite you to join our new challenge — Bitcoin price prediction!

Every day you will have a chance to get 100 SWAP predicting BTC rate accurate to hundreds. There will be up to 6 winners: 3 Twitter winners & 3 Facebook winners.

How to participate:

  1. Guess what will be the price accurate to hundreds for BTC in USDT next day at 11 am UTC
  2. Post this prediction on your Twitter or Facebook page before 11 pm UTC
  3. Tag our accounts and write that you are participating in our challenge
  4. Add a hashtag #SWAPchallengeBTCprediction
  5. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

We will accept only 1 prediction from each participant, in case there will be more than 1, we will count only the first post. The price for BTC will be checked at one of our exchange partners – Binance.

The next day before 1 pm UTC we will announce the results and reward the 3 fastest participants who will make the BTC price prediction accurate to hundreds (with an error ±100 USDT) on each social media: Twitter and Facebook.

This Challenge will end November 22, 2019

Let’s have some fun together predicting cryptocurrencies’ rates!