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What Can Be Bought With Bitcoin In 2022

Jan 11, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Online shopping
  • Bills
  • Travels and online booking
  • Subscriptions
  • Where else you can pay with Bitcoin
  • Conclusion

People buy things online without worries as they’re used to the procedure and know how it works. Ordering, packaging, shipping, and delivery are the main operations of online shopping. Whether you do it online or in a physical store, you pay before you can take your goods. Payment is versatile: cards, cash, and other assets are suitable options. Everyone prefers card payment because most online stores include the option in the payment gateway.

However, you can make a purchase with your Bitcoin the same way you do it with your card. You may picture Bitcoin as the “today’s card” for online payment and “today’s cash” for physical payment. Buying things with it is much easier than taking cash or a card with you. What can you do with your Bitcoin? This article explains the essential things you can purchase with BTC.

Online shopping

Internet shopping and transactions are popular ways we buy and live day-by-day. 2.14 billion people are estimated to use online payment daily. Customers buy things online for their personal needs. Although the online transaction is easy, it is more accessible with BitPay in case you would like to pay with crypto.

BitPay is an online application that supports the use of cryptocurrency. The application works like other providers (Visa and MasterCard): the payment gateway communicates between the online service providers and the assets.

All in all, most of the available goods from physical stores are available online — gadgets, phones, computers, accessories, shoes, household equipment, wines, baby’s collections, toys, and furniture — you can purchase any of them with Bitcoin.


Bills are inevitable: you pay bills at some point in life. Although many organizations do not support BTC, you may use AT&T for bill payments, rent, and utility bills. AT&T is cited as a reference as it is a global brand. However, Bitcoin is used to pay bills via other methods too. For example, some companies support the conversion of your crypto into fiat and then use it for different activities, including bill transactions.

Bity is one of the firms that permit transactions using Bitcoin – it professes to create a platform where you are able to use crypto just like fiat. Presently, Bity implies that organizations that deal with or acknowledge cryptocurrency can work without a bank if they use the platform. With Bity it is possible use Bitcoin as a payment method for utility bills: power, gas, water/sewage waste disposal, communication, and satellite TV.

Travels and online booking

You can travel or make a booking with Bitcoin as of 2022. You may pay directly to the travel merchant if they work with BTC payment gateway organizations. Direct Bitcoin payment works with local and international travel. But be careful and ensure you deal with a legit agency and check reviews.

The other way is to purchase gift cards from the travel agency, as some of them offer such an option. Usually gift cards are available in different amounts. Simply convert the Bitcoin into gift cards by following the instructions on the merchant website. In another case, you may need to send the Bitcoin to the merchant, and they convert the money to the gift cards depending on their choice.

Nowadays, there are many hotels accepting BTC — lately the leading mall operator, Majid Al Futtaim, has entered into a partnership with Binance to host cryptocurrencies in its shopping malls and other facilities. So this means that 29 shopping malls and 13 hotels now easily take your Bitcoin as a payment.

If you would like to learn more about traveling with a crypto wallet "in your pocket", you are welcome to read our article.


You can subscribe to media and other online services using Bitcoin. Some premium and membership plans can be paid with it. Media subscriptions also work perfectly with BTC. For example, Bankless is among the media service providers that allows you to purchase their content with Bitcoin. Subscriptions come with membership or profile: you get access to the premium services when your payment has been verified. A similar concept has got Publish0x — a blockchain-based media platform on which you can earn cryptocurrency by reading and commenting on articles or creating your own content.

Not only Bitcoin can be used for crypto payments. There are many projects with their own cryptocurrencies. Their core idea is to work with content. For example, Audius. It is a platform created for hosting and streaming. It is built on a blockchain and made for musicians. Platform allows listening to music, sharing and monetizing content. As for the video content, you can check out Theta. It is created for promoting videos and the effective placement of streaming video. Steem is an interesting project, too. It is a social blockchain rewarding users for sharing different kinds of content.

Where else you can pay with Bitcoin

Home Depot

Home Depot is an American retail corporation selling tools, construction details, appliances, and services. It uses the Flexa system for crypto payment methods. The company supports direct transactions in BTC. You can make transactions on the platform using Bitcoin instantly, and this is possible because the Flexa system converts Bitcoin into fiat immediately.


Rakuten — electronic commerce and online retailing firm. It accepts Bitcoin via Rakuten wallet. It accepts BTC and other crypto, making the essential moves as selling and buying available on the platform. Rakuten incorporated BTC as a payment method in 2015. Rakuten has expanded Bitcoin to its other service providers in Austria and Germany, although the company in the US initially used BTC.


Twitch is an interactive live-streaming service owned by Amazon. Twitch began accepting crypto in 2014 and remains one of the brands that pioneer BTC as a payment method.


The future of Bitcoin seems bright. Many experts talk about cryptocurrency. Presently, it is competing with others as a suitable and reliable payment method for goods and services. So if you decide to explore Bitcoin more than the way you did now, you are welcome to do it with the tiny help of SimpleSwap Blog posts!

SimpleSwap reminds you that this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. All purchases and cryptocurrency investments are your own responsibility.

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