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Monthly Digest: August

Sep 1, 2023
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The last summer month has come to an end. Don’t be sad — there are so many things to discover! SimpleSwap will be your personal guide to the Crypto World. 

Now let’s see what August brought us.   

Partnerships & Product updates

We’ve partnered with Software Testing Help, one of the most popular portals focusing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance topics. You can read their posts mentioning SimpleSwap: Top 10 DEX, 15 Best Bitcoin Exchanges In 2023, Crypto Exchanges With Low Fees, Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading and Best Places To Buy Bitcoin.

Additionally, E-commerce hub has published a review of our service. Feel free to read it!  

SimpleSwap is always ready for productive partnerships, this is why Stacks prefers to exchange BNB via our service.  

Soakverse team has integrated SimpleSwap into their platform — this will allow their users to make crypto exchanges in a safe and convenient way. 

Another key update of the month is the update of our mobile application. Now crypto swaps have become easier than ever. Choose from the huge amount of coins and tokens, see your exchange history and save your time by quickly accessing the last used and saved addresses. Try it now and see the difference! 


Every month we add new assets to our service so you could enjoy the wide range of cryptocurrencies available for exchange. Here are some of the new ones: VCORE, CTY, AGB, MARO, GXA, HOME, AG, ELS, GETA and AMC.

Now we have more than 1000 coins ready for swap. Thus, you can find both popular and rare assets on SimpleSwap as we constantly add new ones to the list. All the tokens and coins can be found here


Here in SimpleSwap we believe that it is extremely important to be honest and supportive with our customers and partners. That’s why we wrote a short report about how we stopped malicious transactions and returned crypto to its rightful owners after the MyAlgo hack.

We have successfully added new articles in the Explained section to make it easier for our readers to learn about interesting phenomena of the Crypto World: 

You are also welcome to read the article dedicated to the methods of evaluating NFTs and selling them for your own benefit.  

We’ve talked about the updates that took place in the crypto industry. For example, Coinbase has launched its own blockchain called Base — get to know about the most important highlights of their creation.    

Also, Binance has finally started their work in Japan. This isn’t their first try though. See what are CZ’s future plans for this country. 

By the way, we also observed the agenda for offline crypto events and found something — Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 which will take place on September 20-21. Find out the details in the article.  

Stay with us for more exciting news and texts in September! 


LP strategies, real time portfolios, DEX guides, fundamental project analysis, and much more. Let’s dive into August Learn updates.

This month, we’ve broadened your crypto research instrumentarium. The Uniswap LP guide and the AAVE depositing and lending instruction can be used in any DeFi strategy and helps you build passive income in crypto smoothly. 

Implement these guides right away with the new BTC accumulation strategy or Uniswap smart contracts portfolio. You can now check how much of each coin you need entering your potential investment amount.

Increase and decline of AAVE and rapidly changing UNI’s price dynamics – you might or might not need to rebalance your portfolio this month, but we want to make sure you invest based on the latest tech analysis.

The Shibarum launch may greatly influence the Shiba Inu future, while Ripple remains the must-follow protocol. In-depth analysis with probable drawbacks of a project is something to always keep up with.

The monthly BTC on-chain analysis is now based on, among other metrics, HOLD waves. When market behavior seems unpredictable, jump in our research.


We’re still looking for brand ambassadors! If you’re a keen user of SimpleSwap and want to get rewards for spreading the word about our platform – feel free to contact us. You can choose between two ambassadorship options, promote SimpleSwap on any social media you’d like and get a BTC cashback subscription alongside with other useful rewards.

We are happy to deliver the positive crypto exchange experience to you as well as keep you updated about all the most crucial updates in the sphere. If you prefer to obtain information through the video format, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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