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NFTs From Politicians and Musicians

Feb 16, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Donald Trump
  • Madonna
  • Scottie Pippen
  • Bella Hadid
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a big part of the World of Crypto, and they can be used in numerous ways. That is why the opportunity to create something new, unique, and technologically advanced has attracted not only artists but also a wide range of celebrities.

Previously, we have covered how famous people support and promote crypto, in this article, we will focus on some of the celebrities’ recent NFT projects.

Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States always has something new for the press despite not being the country’s leader anymore. In December 2022, his NFT cards were probably the biggest topic of discussion on crypto Twitter. The collectibles minted on Polygon went for $99 each and showed the former president in various looks - from a cowboy to a superhero. They also came with an opportunity to win real-life perks such as a Zoom call with Donald Trump, hand-signed memorabilia, etc.

The cards caused a lot of criticism from Internet users because of the quality of the images, even among his supporters. However, there are also those who believe the value of the items will go up in the future since the politician has plans to run for the presidency once again.

The demand for these NFTs has proven to be very volatile already. First, the digital cards were sold out pretty quickly: it took less than a day. Then the trade volumes in the secondary markets saw a sharp decline in demand until there was a sudden resurgence in price on January, 18. Sales volumes increased by 800% just to fall to even lower results than before in a couple of days.


The pop singer collaborated with a digital artist Beeple. Together, they created three videos called ‘Mother of Nature‘, ‘Mother of Evolution’, and ‘Mother of Technology‘. The authors say that the triptych is all about the three different forms of birth in the modern world. 

The ‘Mother of Nature‘ video shows a rather explicit (or disturbing, according to some) image of a CGI woman giving birth to a tree in a laboratory. The second one is somewhat similar, only with butterflies instead of the tree. Finally, the video called ‘Mother of Technology‘ features the same CGI woman, this time in a forest, giving birth to little robots that look similar to caterpillars. All of them contain texts read by the Madonna.

All three NFTs were sold in an auction for over $600,000 in total. The proceeds of this collaboration went to those charities that help women and children.

Scottie Pippen

In December 2022, the legendary basketball player launched the “Scottie Pippen SP33” collection of 1000 unique sneakers that can be worn across different platforms in the Metaverse. The sportsman collaborated with a Web3 company Orange Comet and came up with 1000 NFTs that sold out in just 77 seconds, setting a new record.

Each NFT went for 0.2 ETH and there was a limit of 33 items per wallet. The company will randomly choose 33 users to give them a $100 discount for purchasing real-world athleisure shoes and another 33 users will receive physical sneakers with Scottie Pippen’s autograph. What is more, 2 NFT holders will receive an invitation from the NBA legend to play golf together and the luckiest buyer will attend a dinner and tour of Pippen’s hometown.

Bella Hadid

The famous model launched an NFT platform called CY-B3LLA last year together with reBASE, a Web3 platform. Digital artists from 10 different countries created 11,111 exclusive images of her: they worked with a high-quality 3D scan of Bella Hadid’s body. In an interview, she mentioned that approximately 200 cameras surrounded her to capture every detail.

The model also said that the NFT holders will get an opportunity to participate in real-life events. According to her, the project’s goal is building community. Despite the attempts to prove her sincere love for digital art, Bella Hadid still faced a backlash: some Internet users thought the collaboration was just a cash grab, and others were surprised that an environment activist launched an NFT collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most popular soccer players in the world partnered up with Binance in November 2022 to launch his own NFT collection. It is devoted to the brightest moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. Apart from digital art itself, in January 2023, the crypto company started to offer mystery boxes that give a chance to win a stone-colored CR7 NFT from the collection created with the athlete. The boxes are available to those who win in WODL mini-games or sign up with Binance.

This is all just the beginning, the partnership is going to last more than one year, according to the company’s plans.

To sum up, despite crypto winter, celebrity NFTs are alive and well. Even the bearish market and skepticism on Twitter do not scare away those fans who want to support their idols, which is why we can probably expect more new and exciting projects coming our way soon. 

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