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Monthly Digest: August

Aug 28, 2023
7 min read

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It’s September already! Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn't it? And we at SimpleSwap definitely had a lot of fun this August. Our Monthly Digest is here 😍


Here is a list of coins and tokens that became available to exchange on SimpleSwap in August: DFI, CSPR, WELL, WEMIX, LEVER, NFT, FITFI, MLS, FSN, DIVI, PSL, XPR, CCD, WOOP, XWG, PLATO, POSI, BRISE, H2O, SIN, SFUND, MOOV, IHC, UPO, STORE, DOSE, PRE, CEEK, DFA, VISION, HBB, EPK, DG, TITAN. You can now swap them fast, secure and at the best rates on our service. Jump to our Assets list to explore hundreds of popular cryptocurrencies.


As usual, our Blog team has prepared lots of great articles on curious and useful topics!

We continued to explore in our articles the status of crypto in different countries like Brazil, UAE, South Korea, and Germany. The intersections of crypto and areas such as sports or fashion also haven’t gone unnoticed. Some key concepts of the Crypto World were considered as well: Web 3.0 projects, wrapped tokens, whitepaper. If you are a cat person, you’ll definitely like our article about crypto cats.

You are welcome to read about the prospects of Ethereum Classic and price predictions of OKB, LDO, BURGER, WING, ABT, FLUX, FLOW, SFUND, ACA, SANTOS, STG, SSV, SONM.

If you are looking for the convenient way to sell crypto, SimpleSwap is ready to help. There are detailed instructions on how to sell BTC, ETH, MATIC, 1INCH, BAT, or DOT.


We’ve held our first AMA session on Twitter Spaces! FLUX Co-Founder Daniel Keller joined us there to answer your questions about the FLUX project (wow, you’ve asked more than 800 questions). The AMA session went great, here is the recap.

This August we continue to share very useful videos on the YouTube channel. Our host Amin told you the most important things to know about the upcoming Ethereum Merge and 5 most common mistakes made by crypto beginners.

Our second YouTube channel is bursting with crypto exchange tutorials! Stop by before swapping, they really can ease the process for you.

To fill your Instagram feed with crypto content you should follow us there – amusing and educational reels are waiting for you.

Also, we continue to reward the most active followers on our Twitter, Telegram and YouTube with a BTC cashback every month, don’t miss out! 😉


This month we had a lot of fun on our socials together – thank you for joining! We’ve organized our first ever giveaway with a quiz, where you had a chance to check your crypto knowledge. We’ve also run a daydreaming session on our Telegram, where you’ve shared your ideas on how you would spend more than 250k BTC. And we had fun celebrating Make Your Own Luck Day with a little reminder on how to safely invest in crypto.

That’s how our August went. This whole Summer was really something! Thank you for being with us. SimpleSwap Autumn will definitely be full of exciting activities on our socials and great content on our Blog – stay tuned!

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