Popular cryptocurrencies from Asia

Sep 12, 2022
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This blog post will cover:

  • Neo
  • Tron
  • Cardano
  • TomoChain
  • NEM
  • Terra
  • Crypto.com Coin

We know that Asia is a big player in the Crypto World. However, when we meet new crypto projects we rarely think of where they came from. Today we invite you to look at some well-known and promising Asian cryptocurrencies.


Neo is an open-sourced platform for a smart economy. It was founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. The idea of this project is to implement blockchain and smart contracts to make the “smart economy” possible. This network operates on PoS dBFT. The total amount of tokens created is 100 million. 50 million was sold to investors, 50 million is locked in smart contracts. The success of Neo is confirmed by the fact that it is often called a “Chinese Ethereum”. The popularity of the platform is increasing, and there has been no recent discussion of the reasons for it to fall down in the near future.


Tron is a blockchain decentralized platform for entertainment content. It was founded in 2017 and based in Singapore. The CEO of the company is Justin Sun. The main idea of Tron is to eliminate a middle man in the process of consuming entertaining data. The platform allows content creators to gain benefits from participating in the system. Tron has a very active community and showed its ability to adjust to the newest trends. These things combined with a great idea provide the capability for future success.  


Cardano is a Proof-of-Stake open source platform for developers with many plans for the future. It is a product of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) company. The Сardano network has two layers: the settlement layer to send funds from user to user and the computational layer to create smart contracts. The head of the company is Charles Hoskinson. Cardano focuses on digital identity. Some people believe that Cardano seems to be a good long-term investment. It shows stable growth over time. Moreover, Cardano is considered to be one of the most successful decentralized networks in the current blockchain industry.


TomoChain is an ecosystem that allows developers to create blockchain applications. The founder of the platform is Long Vuong. The team includes a number of co-founders: Le Ho, Kyn Chaturvedi, Son Nguyen, Tung Hoang. The main purpose of the TomoChain is to create an Internet of value and to build an alternative and transparent financial system. TomoChain is a part of quickly developing DeFi technology. Moreover, it participates in almost all the existing DeFi spheres, offering exchanges, token issuance, cross-border payment, etc. This makes it a very promising project for the future.

promising future


Nem introduces itself as a Smart Asset blockchain. The main idea of the project is to create a better version of a blockchain. To do that Nem uses Proof-of-importance and harvesting. These technologies help to make mining faster and less power-consuming. The Nem blockchain is suitable for creating different types of projects. For example, digital assets, finance assets, contracts, and documents. Nem is based in Singapore. The CEO of the company is David Shaw. Nem has very sophisticated technology, it shows flexibility and has some interesting ideas for the development.


Terra is a blockchain platform that unites a number of stablecoins and serves as collateral for them. The most interesting feature of this platform is that it allows to trade real-life assets via Mirrored Assets. They are linked to real assets and mirror their price. This model eliminates a lot of barriers such as working hours, geography, etc. Terra is using proven technologies, its team is connected to different spheres of e-commerce. Strong background and understanding of trends can help this company to become even more successful.

Crypto.com Coin

Crypto.com Coin is a token of the crypto payment platform that provides a number of services, such as crypto exchange and trading, exchanging crypto to fiat (MCO Visa card), crypto deposits, crypto credits. The main idea of this platform is to promote and support mass crypto adoption. The company is based in Hong Kong. The CEO is Kris Marszalek. Crypto.com provides a link between cryptocurrency and using Visa cards we all are used to. This is a good project to promote adoption. Probably, developing these technologies will eventually make more people believe in crypto.

We can see that cryptocurrency in Asia is developing rather rapidly. Every year we see more and more products coming from there. In spite of all the obstacles, they become successful and attract a lot of users. In this article we have tried to show you some examples of products from the crypto valley of Asia. We hope you have found something new and interesting. Thank you for your attention.

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