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Monthly Digest: November

Dec 1, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

  • Partnerships & Product updates
  • Listings
  • Blog
  • Learn
  • Socials

Time to say goodbye to November and prepare for a new journey. This article will show you the latest updates of SimpleSwap and share some exciting content we’ve made during the last month. 

Partnerships & Product updates

Here you can get acquainted with the collaborations that took place this month. We are glad to introduce these companies as our partners now: 

  1. Tonkeeper will integrate the SimpleSwap widget on their platform. Tonkeeper is an all-in-one wallet for digital nomads, optimized for making living on crypto safe and comfortable. Exchange currencies, pay for service and play games. Tonkeeper is a non-custodial wallet on many platforms: you will always have access to your money.
  2. Sarga Pools are already actively using our Affiliate tools. You can check out their project here
  3. Another SimpleSwap partner to mention is Moongate, a web3 utility platform.

Additionally, we have launched a Crypto Trading Contest, which you may join right away. Trade VRA coins and get a chance to win a share of 500,000 VRA or a 0,4% BTC cashback subscription! More details on the Contest are available here


SimpleSwap’s cryptocurrency list is being updated every month. This makes most of the existing assets available for seamless and secure swaps. Check out the newbies we have here, probably, you were waiting for one of them:


There are already 1,500+ cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap. This means that you can enjoy our sign-up- and trouble-free service even more!  


SimpleSwap Blog keeps on posting more articles dedicated to Crypto World. We always find something to tell you about: whether it’s an educational text or a short news note. November was not an exception — let’s take a look at the content of the month.

First, the Explained section. It allows our readers to get deeper into the discussed topics:

  1. What is EtherHiding
  2. What Is Sharding: A to Z Guide
  3. How to Determine Crypto Exchange Is Trustworthy

Talking about the crypto sphere: this sector is developing very fast, and the SimpleSwap team is following the most trending news:

  1. EthBoy NFT Sets Record with $400,000 Sale
  2. Tether CEO Announced the Launch of 5 New Projects
  3. LHV Bank Founder Lost Access to 250,000 ETH
  4. Optimism's Fault-Proof System
  5. Binance Violations Unveiled: $50 Million Fine and CEO's Resignation

Do not forget to read the article about the synergy of cryptocurrency and e-commerce and check out the list of the promising crypto projects in 2024.


November is the month to strategically plan your own crypto activities, and here’s how the Learn’s team handles it.

To begin with, we’re delving deeper into analysis tools. The Basics of Graphical Analysis article offers insights into forecasting potential market moves by identifying price patterns and trends. For a more comprehensive approach, Technical Analysis for Trading Crypto guides you through using support and resistance levels, crypto charts, trading volume, and more to identify key trends and make thoughtful trading decisions.

Exploring two crypto strategies — Ascending Channels and the Bollinger Bands indicator — merged into one article. Trading channels are the framework to analyze price fluctuations and signals of trend changes. 

Our newly curated Broad-ranging portfolio spanning various digital assets offers flexibility to adapt to crypto market shifts. Utilize the in-built Portfolio widget to see how much you’d need to invest for managing this portfolio. 

Discover a range of reviewed DeFi protocols, leveraging crypto assets as collateral to borrow additional capital, open leveraged positions, and maximize your profits.

We’ve recently posted a mid-November snapshot of BTC on-chain analysis and anticipate a thorough analysis release by week's end. Stay tuned.


SimpleSwap is now on TradingView! There our in-house analyst Rick discusses mid-term crypto trading deals and offers ideas for their implementation.

Have you already subscribed to our YouTube channel? If not, you might be missing something really cool. You will definitely love SimpleSwap November highlights: 

  1. Verasity (VRA) Trading Contest announcement. Don’t miss a chance to win!
  2. Discovering the situation happened to Binance and guessing what will happen in the post-CZ era. 
  3. Toncoin unpacking: the past and the future of the project.  
  4. Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction: how much the coin could cost in 12 years? 
  5. Top cryptocurrency movers and shakers: from Neutron to BarnBridge.

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