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Monthly Digest: May

Jun 5, 2023
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This blog post will cover:

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Let's remember the highlights of May together with SimpleSwap.

Partnerships & Product updates tech accelerator has joined SimpleSwap Affiliate Program and became our new partner in May. We hope for fruitful cooperation!

There is no doubt that in the Crypto World it is crucial to find a reliable exchange and storage for coins that suits you the best. That is why we are so happy to see new crypto wallets among our partners. Such collaborations aim to cover several of the most important needs at once. Last month, Dragonfly Wallet and Temple Wallet started using our affiliate tools. Welcome aboard!


As always, SimpleSwap is happy to add new cryptocurrencies demanded by customers. Among the coins listed in May you will find GXE, LOCUS, GMB, POOH, AIDOGE, MYRIA, NOM, COREUM, CVTX, VINU, CRE, RADAR, MTG, POGAI, MEME, LADYS, TURBO, ZPAY.


The Crypto World is buzzing with events, Binance launches its reality show, and crypto projects are trying to come up with various improvements for their networks. Here are some of them which we highlighted on our Blog this May: Optimism Bedrock Upgrade, Evergreen subnets by Ava Labs, Aptos introduced delegated staking, Ethereum might get overloaded.

The CBDC issue is being discussed more often, we could not pass by this topic and told you about the new CBDC platform by Ripple and digital Euro and other currencies in 2023.

It seems that AI (artificial intelligence) is here with us to stay, and that is why we continue to observe the ways it is used in various areas. Stay up to date and read about the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin and the role of AI in the finance industry.


We’re happy to announce a new crypto analytics section on SimpleSwap — meet Learn!

In May, our expert team conducted research to provide instructions for 2 DeFi curves: ETH staking on Lido and Trader Joe liquidity pools on Avalanche to generate passive income in crypto. We also published CAKE and DOGE coins technical analysis with graphs and future price movements explained along with a new diversified crypto portfolio.

One of our biggest works is the Ethereum fundamental analysis. By examining this article with all the key metrics covered, you can make more informed investment decisions not only for Ethereum but for any other crypto project. Last but not least, the most recent BTC on-chain analysis is now out. Don’t miss further analytics updates.


We had lots of fun celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day on socials! Thanks to all 800 participants who joined our giveaway. Keep an eye on our Twitter where we post useful threads and curious infographics. And don’t forget to apply for the SimpleSwap Ambassador program!

As always, SimpleSwap provides you with a video podcast about the main events of the month, check it out below. Learn more about crypto news on our YouTube channel.

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