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Monthly Digest: October

Nov 3, 2023
7 min read

This blog post will cover:

  • Partnerships & Product updates
  • Listings
  • Blog
  • Learn
  • Socials

Spooky October has come to an end. However, we are here not to scare you but to deliver some of the SimpleSwap’s updates that took place this month. Let’s dive into the digest now to see what second fall month has brought us.  

Partnerships & Product updates

As usual, SimpleSwap is happy to share some partnership news with you. This month we have some new companies that joined us. 

  1.  The great update for us is the start of collaboration with DreamOS, the Web3 operating system. You may check their website for more interesting details. 
  2. Lukso and SimpleSwap have partnered with aim to do some co-marketing. We hope for a fruitful cooperation for both.   
  3. Another co-marketing partner is a Verse project, which we are also very glad to work with. 
  4. Gobi Labs started using the SimpleSwap API, which is a tool available for our Affiliate partners. Check it out now. 


Every month SimpleSwap adds new coins to the list. This allows our users to exchange almost any cryptocurrency they need. We also have fiat options, but right now take a look at the freshest crypto listings on the service:  


SimpleSwap has more than 1,000 assets available for swap. Enjoy trading fast, safe and sign-up free!


We keep on writing educational and informational content for our Blog readers, and October was full of exciting and helpful articles. The Explained section now has a few topics you might find useful:

  1. What Are Liquidation Cascades in Crypto
  2. Who Are Liquidity Providers
  3. Crypto Trading Psychology
  4. KYC in Crypto
  5. Address Poisoning Attacks: What You Need to Know

SimpleSwap keeps an eye on Crypto World news, that’s why we share the core updates that are worth your attention. This month, our industry faced many changes, including the ones listed below:

  1. UK Introduced Regulation Plans Regarding Stablecoins
  2. Binance Canceled Its Visa Debit Card in Europe
  3. USDR Stablecoin Depeg
  4. Mastercard Introduced Wrapped CBDCs
  5. Solana Introduced Confidential Transfers
  6. HRF Distributes Grants to Bitcoin Developers

Additionally, this Blog post was overviewing the rise of DAOs, and explaining why this is more than a buzzword. 

We’ve made a large research on crypto regulation in Sweden, discovering the taxation process, the current status of cryptocurrencies and the most popular projects in the country. 

Heard about Polkadot 2.0? If not, make sure to get acquainted with this content piece. The important features of a project upgrade are highlighted there.

Stay tuned — we have big plans for Blog in November!  


Here’s what the Learn team’s been working on in October. 

If DeFi platforms for simplifying yield optimization and maximizing returns on crypto investment seem complex to implement, Learn got you covered. Explore our instructions to easily combine the DeFiLlama’s Delta Neutral strategies with Nanoly’s most beneficial investment scenarios.

The crypto market has certain similarities with traditional markets, so we’ve adapted the classic DCA strategy and the Predator-Prey strategy for those who prefer investing in crypto. 

Besides, it’s easier to understand how traditional and relatively new markets work together if analyzing indexes correlation (or the lack thereof). And you got it right, now you can read about it in the SimpleSwap analytics section. 

BTC & financial indexes and Oil & Gas and stock market indexes correlation help you understand the global interconnectedness and make informed investing decisions. The October BTC on-chain analysis indicates the impact of increased legitimacy for Bitcoin in the traditional financial landscape, too. 

The latest technician analysis of the native Trust Wallet’s token and 1INCH tech analysis might make you update your crypto portfolio and adjust your trading strategy. Stay tuned for further crypto market updates.


This October we skelebrated Halloween on socials together! Over 4,000 people joined our spooktacular giveaway, we made a special promo code for our users & you chose the scariest costume for Halloween – SEC. Head over to our Twitter to check our Halloween week posts out!

SimpleSwap is now on Discord! Join to get support, learn about our new listings & partnerships, and read analytical articles by our crypto expert team.

Talking about our YouTube channel, in October we posted many videos that might come in handy whether you are a newbie or a veteran of the crypto sphere. News, assets reviews and useful guides — everything can be found there.  

If you are a crypto enthusiast, reading cryptocurrency charts is an essential skill. This video is made to explain the key aspects of entering crypto trading.  

Another recent video we’ve launched is dedicated to Shiba Inu — one of the most popular crypto assets. We made a deep dive into the coin’s analysis to uncover its potential and see whether it is still a project to pay attention to or not. 

You have probably already heard about Worldcoin. This project still attracts a lot of attention from the crypto community. We tried to discover the phenomenon of a Crypto World’s anonymity, found out the reasons for such mixed reviews for Worldcoin and shared a list of other concepts with a greater secrecy level.    

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