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Monthly Digest: September

Oct 3, 2023
7 min read

This blog post will cover:

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  • Socials

The cozy season has begun — and we are excited about it! We prepared another monthly digest to keep you informed about the latest news of SimpleSwap. Let’s check out what happened in September. 

Partnerships & Product updates

We have great updates concerning the partnerships of SimpleSwap. During the last month, three companies have joined our Affiliate Program:

  1. LuxPay, the Nigerian service providing a payment solution to give users an opportunity to make transactions in a convenient way;  
  2. CryptoCoinSwap, the cryptocurrency exchange;
  3. Elite Wallet, the privacy oriented crypto wallet. 

Welcome on board! 


Each month, we introduce fresh assets to our platform, expanding your options for trading among the diverse selection of cryptocurrencies. Here are a few of the latest additions: 


Do not forget that we have more than 1000 cryptocurrencies available for exchange. Visit this page to find the coin you need. 


We continue to enrich our blog with a large amount of interesting and useful material that can be helpful not only to newcomers in the crypto sphere but also to those who have long been part of the crypto community. In September, we added some articles into the Explained section of the Blog. They cover the following topics:

  1. Web3 appchains
  2. Extended reality
  3. Account abstraction
  4. Spotting a bull flag pattern

Moreover, we touched upon other important topics, including crypto regulation in Austria and its rules and laws concerning cryptocurrencies.

To find out what vulnerabilities are still putting the users’ wallets (and funds) in danger, read the “5 Main Risks of a Crypto Wallet” post.  

This guide might help you prepare for the bull run, in case you do not know what are the options during this market state. 

Some other crypto news we mentioned in the Blog: 

  1. Optimism distributed 48 million tokens during an airdrop
  2. Ethereum's Holesky Testnet overview
  3. Grayscale won against the SEC in court

Of course, we wrote something for fun, too. If you are looking for a movie to watch, ensure you crossed off everything from this list

That’s it for the Blog. Stay tuned for more in October!


Let's dive into the key DeFi guides, portfolios, and crypto market analysis covered in September.

A new portfolio review was conducted on a selection of meme tokens with unique attributes. In addition, a balanced mix of leading cryptocurrencies as well as a top index portfolio to reflect innovation in the crypto ecosystem. It was considered so that you can diversify your investment case. An evaluation was made on a combination of advanced DeFi solutions that offer users unique functionality, including exchanging all ERC-20 tokens, staking, and enhanced security.

Regarding portfolio management, insights about Unipilot's automated liquidity tools and strategies for maximizing returns through Convex Finance staking and profit boosting were provided. Features for liquidity providers on Revert Finance were also reviewed.

Coin analysis revealed the TRX technical study indicating potential short-term upside from $0.076 due to rising volume. The MANA technical research suggested consolidation, although further observation is needed to confirm a slowing decline.

In the regular monthly BTC on-chain analysis, the MVRV Z-Score metric was included for the first time. This metric signals a possible undervaluation of assets and potential upside for investors expecting growth.

An in-depth review of the correlation between crypto and stock market indexes was presented for more informer strategic planning. Our team is currently working on further indexes correlation research. Stay tuned for updates.

The TON ecosystem and its components such as storage, DNS, and payments innovations were examined. The Chainlink's fundamental analysis weighed the strengths and weaknesses of the project. We will continue to provide detailed research and insights on key events in the cryptocurrency market.


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SimpleSwap has a YouTube channel, where you can find various useful videos — guides, news, lists and much more. We are doing our best to create content which might help crypto enthusiasts dive into the Crypto World. 

Lately, we launched a new section with top altcoins of the month and talked about the WLD, OP, BOND and other coins you might get interested in. 

Another instruction is now available on our YouTube channel — it is the step-by-step guide on how to create your own cryptocurrency!

We have reviewed the Arbitrum project and its ARB coin and now you can learn about the company background, its team, roadmap, ecosystem components and more. So make sure to watch this one if you want to discover the Arbitrum’s concept.

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