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Monthly Digest: June

Jul 5, 2022
5 min read

This blog post will cover:

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  • Listings
  • Socials
  • Fun
  • Blog

What a June it has been in crypto! Let’s remember how it went for SimpleSwap. Our monthly digest is here 😍


We are glad to announce that new web pages were added. They will be helpful for those who would like to start working with the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program. Furthermore, now you can learn about the different affiliate tools that we provide and explore their advantages. Choose a referral link, API, widget, button, or banners for your needs.


Here is a list of coins that became available on SimpleSwap in June: EGG, BRY, ACS, BUNNY, BANANA, MATH, ELONGATE, MOONSTAR, DOGGY, VEMP, RACA, USDD, GST, NEXO, WIN, SON, OP. You can now swap them fast, secure and at the best rates on our service. Jump to our Assets list to explore hundreds of popular cryptocurrencies!


This June we’ve introduced the SimpleSwap mascot – a jay called Rimo! Now he talks about coins on our socials: gives little updates on the projects and shows new coins and tokens available on our service.

We continue posting funny shorts on Instagram, sharing helpful videos on YouTube and step-by-step tutorials on our second channel – make sure to follow us to be in the loop! We also keep rewarding the most active members of our Twitter and Telegram community every month, don’t miss out!


The first month of summer was definitely a fun one on our socials. Together we’ve guessed how our crypto summer will go, discussed the most eternal crypto questions, and cracked the emoji code.


Our Blog is full of the newest articles on curious and useful topics! We’ve explained such crypto concepts as a seed phrase and algorithmic stablecoins, shared our thoughts on why people love cryptocurrency and what can be bought with crypto. Check out our reports on digital assets in Mexico and Nigeria, as well as our tops of crypto farming and GameFi projects.

We always monitor the crypto market and this month we did a review of what was happening to the BNB price. Different opinions were also compiled to make price forecasts for the following cryptocurrencies: XYM, PAXG, Trust Wallet Token, Optimism, Serum, SNX, BLZ, RSR, UNFI, BEL, Venus, and BakeryToken.

That’s how our June went. Stay tuned for SimpleSwap July, a lot of exciting activities on our socials and great content on our Blog will be waiting for you!

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